Will Apple AirPods Pro work on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7?

I have been getting a lot of question from people I know, and the question is: Will Apple AirPods Pro work on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7? While I don’t own an iPhone 6 or 7 anymore, some of my friends and family do.

So, to answer this question in the best possible way, I borrowed an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7 and tested them with my AirPods Pro. And while both phones do work, it is not a simple answer. So, Will Apple AirPods Pro work on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7?

Read on to know what works and what doesn’t work with the respective iPhones as the AirPods Pro are loaded with features and only a few devices support all of them.   

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After having reviewed all of Apple’s official documents and referring to our credible sources; my team and I found that:

The Apple AirPods Pro does not work with the iPhone 6 as this smartphone cannot be updated to iOS 13.2, which is essential for the smooth functioning of the AirPods Pro. However, the first edition of the AirPods works just fine. Additionally, the AirPods Pro work on the iPhone 7 as it supports iOS 13.2.

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Will Apple AirPods Pro work on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7?

AirPods Pro Compatibility

There are 3 versions of Apple AirPods, these are the regular AirPods, the more premium in-ears AirPods Pro and the excessive over-ear headphones AirPods Max. And the official list of supported iPhones is,

iPhone GenerationAirPodsAirPods Pro
iPhone 12iPhone 12 miniiPhone 12iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 miniiPhone 12iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XSiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XSiPhone XS Max
iPhone XiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone XRiPhone X
iPhone 8iPhone 8iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7iPhone 7iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6iPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6siPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SEiPhone SE (2nd generation)iPhone SE (1st generation)iPhone SE (2nd generation)iPhone SE (1st generation)
iPhone 5iPhone 5s

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Will the Apple AirPods Pro work on the iPhone 6? 

Apple’s iPhone 6 is one of the most popular phones to ever been made and it is still widely used by many thanks to Apple’s excellent build quality and software support for its phones. I have friends who are still using iPhone 6, and they are the ones who asked me this question, that if iPhone 6 supports AirPods. They were looking for an upgrade to good quality wireless earphones and wanted the AirPods Pro.  

If you are looking for a short answer, then yes AirPods will work with iPhone 6. And by work, I mean that you can connect AirPods to your iPhone 6 and get listening to music. And if that’s all you need, good music quality, go ahead and get a pair of AirPods for your iPhone 6. 

There is a long answer and it is important to know if you are on the verge of purchasing a new pair of AirPods for your iPhone 6. And this starts with the supported devices list. If a device is not listed on it, then there is a good chance it won’t work well.

If you are someone looking to buy the regular AirPods for your iPhone 6, go ahead and do it, you are in for a treat as the regular AirPods are a great set of earphones for the price. 

But if you are someone who is looking to buy a pair of AirPods Pro, I would advise against it if you have only got an iPhone 6 because there is a significant cut in features.

You can still buy them if you are on the verge of getting a new iPhone or your iPhone 6 is just a secondary device because the AirPods Pro will work with iPhone 6 albeit a lot of features will be stripped down. 

One of the reasons the iPhone 6 doesn’t support all of the features of AirPods like Audio sharing is because it can’t be updated to iOS 13.2.

You will see why I advise against getting the AirPods Pro if your only device is the iPhone 6. Let’s get to what works and what doesn’t if you use AirPods Pro with the iPhone 6.  

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What Works 

You can use AirPods Pro with your iPhone 6 as wireless earphones and enjoy high fidelity music. AirPods Pro sound better than the regular AirPods so if you want better sound reproduction, you can use them with iPhone 6 for the same. 

And if you are confused as to how to connect AirPods Pro to your iPhone 6, follow these steps and it will work: 

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone 6. You can do this by navigating to “Settings -> Bluetooth -> Use the switch to toggle on Bluetooth.”
  • Now open take the AirPods Pro out of the charging case. Now the AirPods will connect to your iPhone 6 and a pop-up will appear and you just have to confirm the connection.  
  • If there is no pop-up notification, you can pair your AirPods Pro manually by searching for them in the Bluetooth setting on your iPhone. This is similar to connecting any Bluetooth to your iPhone. 

And voila you can now enjoy high-quality music on your new AirPods Pro right from your iPhone 6. Just don’t expect all features to work. And speaking of what doesn’t work, all the features cut to make the AirPods Pro a regular AirPods, just with a better design, better sound production and higher price tag.

What Doesn’t Work 

Features like Active Noise Cancellation, which blocks out all external audio and Transparency Mode, which amplifies background surrounding sounds to help you are absent if you use iPhone 6 with AirPods Pro. Another awesome that won’t work with iPhone 6 is spatial audio, which takes video and movie watching experience to a whole new level.  

There is something you have to know about this pairing between the iPhone 6 and AirPods though and that is the iPhone 6 won’t support the Audio Sharing feature of both the regular AirPods or the AirPods Pro. While it is not a feature everyone will use, it is still a cool feature. 

You can share audio to supported AirPods, or Beat’s headphones straight from your iPhone or iPad. But you are out of luck if you want to do it with an iPhone 6. The reason iPhone 6 doesn’t support this is not a software limitation but a hardware one.

Audio sharing requires Bluetooth 5.0 and sadly at the time of iPhone 6’s release, there was no Bluetooth 5.0 yet. 

This is why I would recommend this only if you are planning to upgrade your iPhone soon or if you got the AirPods Pro as a gift. You will miss out on some excellent features like noise cancellation that make the AirPods Pro worth it over the regular AirPods.

If you are upgrading to a more recent iPhone or if your iPhone 6 is just a secondary device, then just get the AirPods that make the most sense to you. 

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Will the Apple AirPods Pro work on the iPhone 7? 

Now, let’s see if the iPhone 7 works with all the AirPods. On Apple’s website, the iPhone 7 is a supported device for all three versions of AirPods. This means that iPhone 7 will work with the AirPods and the AirPods Pro.

iPhone 7 supports all the features of AirPods Pro and even the AirPods Max, except one feature. So, let’s see what works when an iPhone 7 and AirPods Pro are paired and what doesn’t. Check out our entire “Will Apple AirPods Pro work on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7?” guide for all the details.

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What Works 

Features like noise cancellation, and transparency mode work unlike the iPhone 6. And the audio quality is top-notch. Even the excellent and mind-blowing experience of Spatial audio on AirPods Pro works with iPhone 7.

All this is thanks to the software support that the iPhone 7 still gets. And for all these features to work as expected, you will need to update your iPhone 7 to iOS 14 at least. Otherwise, the features will be limited to the same level as that of the iPhone 6. 

To update to iOS 14, if you haven’t yet, follow these steps, as it is vital for your iPhone 7 to support all the features of AirPods: 

  • Make sure that your iPhone 7 plugged into power and connected to the internet. 
  • Go to Settings App -> General -> Software Update 
  • Follow the instructions given by your device and the phone will update to the latest iOS software. 

What Doesn’t Work 

You may be thinking that you can just buy any of the AirPods and they will work well with your iPhone 7, but there is an asterisk, and that is that the iPhone 7 doesn’t support the audio sharing feature. The feature that lets you share audio from your iPhone to multiple earphones from Apple or Beats doesn’t work.

This is not a software limitation but a hardware one similar to that of the iPhone 6. At the time of the iPhone 7’s launch, there was no Bluetooth 5.0 and audio sharing works only with devices that sport Bluetooth 5.0.  

Will Apple AirPods Pro work on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7? – Takeaway

AirPods Pro are an amazing set of earphones, and in my testing, they worked very well, delivering excellent sound quality, battery life and reliability. The noise cancellation is one of the best in the industry and the transparency mode is a cool feature.  

But anyways, while AirPods are relatively new products, the iPhone 6 and 7 are not. But they are still some of the most popular phones out there. And many owning them would want to get their hands on AirPods Pro for a premium audio experience. 

If you are someone who uses the iPhone 6, just get the regular AirPods, but if you are going to upgrade your iPhone 6 to a newer iPhone then get the AirPods Pro if you want to. The iPhone 7 supports all three AirPods and so you won’t go wrong in picking any.

In the end, it all depends on what you want and if you can buy them. Check out our entire “Will Apple AirPods Pro work on iPhone 6 or iPhone 7?” guide for all the details.

Does AirPods Pro work with iPhone 7?

The AirPods Pro does work with the iPhone 7 and beyond. Of course, you should make sure that the smartphone is updated to iOS 13.2 and beyond to take advantage of all the features like Audio Sharing.

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