Airpods Max Clone Review 2021

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the latest AirPods Max? Check out our Airpods Max Clone review for all the details!

The Chinese are very well versed when it comes to cloning products. And I have come across some clones that look very close to the real products. Apple is a brand that has fallen victim to Chinese clones. This meant that the moment Apple announced the AirPods Max, people would have started working on clones of these headphones.

I love clones, not because they are good products but because it is fun and exciting to test them out and see how far behind they have fallen when it comes to recreating a product. Some of my favorite clones are iPhones and so I was eagerly waiting for an AirPod Max clone. And voila, manufacturer McGeSin has created the Model P9 headphones that look very similar to the AirPods Max. 

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I am so excited to test these out, even though I know that they are going to be terrible products. But here goes nothing, this is the review of the AirPods Max Clones. 

After having reviewed the Airpods Max Clone based on various factors like design, function, usage, performance, battery, performance and much more; my team and I found that:

The AirPods Max Clone is one of the best headphones in its price segment. Not only does it offer the same sound experience as the AirPods Max at a much lower price but the usage and battery life of 10 hours is just as brilliant. Most importantly, the internal components are made from pretty decent materials thereby elevating both real-time and long term performance.

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Airpods Max Clone Review

Inside the Box

Clones almost always have some of the most interesting packages. I am always excited to receive a clone product and check how the packaging looks and feels. And when it comes to Apple clones, obviously they can’t meet the packaging expertise of Apple, just because clones have to cut short the cost. Check out our Airpods Max Clone Review for all the details!

So, when I got the P9 AirPods Max clone, my first impression was that the outer packaging wasn’t all that bad. It was a smaller box than Apple’s AirPods Max, but it definitely looked similar. The clone came in an all-white box with pictures of Apple’s AirPods Max on both sides. There’s also some “Model: P9” branding on both sides of the box.

One thing I noticed is that the images on the clone product are slightly edited, this is probably to avoid copyright/trademark issues. And on the back, there were some features and a few trademarks. A much as this is a clone product, it is still a legitimate one, it’s not fake. It will just be bad rather than trying to fool people and be bad.

Sliding the outer box cover, you will be greeted to this message “WIRELESS STEREO HEADSET, ENJOY MUSIC”, well we’ll see in a few minutes how much of an enjoyment it is going to be. 

Removing that box cover, you will find the most basic packaging ever for a product, the clone headphones inside a plastic cover. Taking the headphones out, you will find another small plastic pouch that includes a headphone jack cable, a micro-USB cable for charging, and a User Documentation slip. 

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P9 TWS AirPods Max Clone
Model NameP9 TWS
Type Bluetooth Headphones
Speaker Driver Diameter40 mm
Frequency Range20Hz to 20,000 Hz
Max Output5mW
Impedance RangeUp to 32 Ω
Bluetooth Transmission Distance10m
Battery400 mAh
Charging PortMicro-USB 
AUX supportYes


Moving on to the main picture, the design and build quality of the headphones. Removing the plastic cover of the headphones greets us with some of the cheapest feeling headphones I have ever seen in a long time. Like I was amazed at how cheap and poorly built they were. 

These are constructed entirely from plastic, except for the ear cups which are probably from some fake leather material. And touching and feeling them feels so cheap, they are hollow and plasticky. The finishing is awful like the headphone jack port, the SD card slot, charging port, and the buttons, all look and feel like some cheap kids toy. It is terrible, everything feels disgustingly terrible on these clones. 

Even though I hate that the real AirPods Max cost a fortune, they are absolutely one of the best looking and feeling headphones I have ever come across. These clones are the exact opposites of the real AirPods Max, these are cheap, plasticky, and are lightweight (which is actually a good thing) compared to the premium, metal, and heavy design and build of the real AirPods Max.

The design on the other hand is reminiscent of the real AirPods Max, but even then to cut costs, the P9 clones use run-of-the-mill foam ear cups compared to Apple’s cloth-like ear cups. And they do feel soft to the touch but they won’t hold up well after using for a while as is the case for every cheap headphone.

The headphone hinge can be adjusted slightly but it feels like it’ll break anytime. And if your head is too big or too small, it will be very uncomfortable. When it comes to accessories included in the box, both cables are not of good quality and the charging cable is too small.

These are some of the cheapest feeling, poorly built headphones I have seen in quite some time. And even for the low price they are selling at, these should feel or look so bad, it’s awful that they are so bad. They just spent all the limited R&D budget on how to come up with the same design as Apple and called it a day. They clearly didn’t put any effort other than the looks of the headphones themselves. 

Functions and Use

For all the shortcomings of these headphones, when it comes to design and build quality, these actually redeem themselves slightly when it comes to functioning. They offer more music sources than Apple and give better controls thanks to the buttons compared to the crown on the original AirPods Max. Check out our Airpods Max Clone Review for all the details.

Turning on the headphones and putting them on Bluetooth mode, they don’t get recognized by my iPhone immediately. Instead, I have to go into the Bluetooth settings of my iPhone and search for the headphones and pair them manually. This has to be done every time, so it’s a pain in the butt but for the price, I shouldn’t have expected more. 

Once you are paired, a voice in the headphone will tell you that the headphones are connected to Bluetooth, but the voice doesn’t sound anything like Siri. You can also connect an aux cable from your phone to the headphones and or add an SD card and listen to music from there. 

These headphones give you more options to listen to music and will all support pretty much any device with a headphone jack or Bluetooth. Even Apple can’t manage to do this, so kudos to P9 AirPods Max Clone.

And finally, there are 4 buttons on this headphone. A power button, which also switches between Bluetooth, AUX, and SD card. A skip track button, a previous track button, these buttons also act as volume rockers if you press and hold them. And there’s also a play/pause button for good measure. 

That’s all when it comes to functionality and I have to say I am impressed. Budget/affordable products always tend to give much more features than premium ones. This is true when it comes to smartphones too, costlier smartphones don’t have a headphone jack but almost all budget smartphones do. 


Headphones are devices designed to play music, and let’s see how these P9 AirPods Max clones perform when it comes to audio performance. And I have to say, they don’t sound as bad as I expected them to be. I was expecting the audio quality to be as terrible as the build quality. But to be honest, it does well enough for its price.

It gets very loud, but when you max out the volume there is a lot of distortion. So, I would advise keeping the volume anywhere from 50%  to 70% for the best listening experience from these AirPods Max clones. 

The bass is decent but a bit muddy and the treble is pretty good, it gets harsh only at high volumes and the mids are clear too. It is nothing like listening to premium headphones but you won’t miss out on a lot when it comes to sound quality as long as you are a casual listener. 


The P9 AirPods Max clones come with a 400 mAh battery which translates approximately into 10 hours of battery life. This is respectable battery life in my opinion and given the price, it is actually good. The rated charging time is out 2 hours, which is long but similar to most headphones. 

The one thing I don’t like about these headphones is that there is no battery life indicator, this means that you will never know when the headphones are going to run out of charge. But on the flip side, these headphones can be powered by your phone using the aux cable so you really don’t have to worry about running out of charge. 

How to Spot Fake AirPods Max

To tell if a pair of AirPods Max are fake, you need to know in what ways a fake AirPods Max differs from an original. Below are the things you can use to check if an AirPods Max is fake or not. Read on to know how to spot fake AirPods Max. 


Apple’s packaging quality is one of the best in the industry and so most fakes or replicas can’t match it. Apple uses white boxes that have the product name and pictures embossed on them. 

Some AirPods Max fakes come close to the packaging quality with a similar box design but they still fall short and if you look closely you can spot differences in color and feel of the box. Fake AirPods Max also uses different names and certifications due to copyright and trademark issues.

Build Quality

Apple is the biggest company in the world, which lets them spend billions of dollars for the research and development of their products. This means the build quality of the AirPods Max is exceptional, you won’t find any seams, low-quality materials, or quality issues. 

On the other hand, fake AirPods Max uses cheap plastic, has poor cushions on the earcups, and doesn’t feature the same color finish. Hold an original AirPods Max and a fake one on both your hands and you will see and feel the difference in quality between them.

Sometimes fakes can almost match the original when it comes to looks, but they will surely fail when it comes to the same premium feel of the original AirPods Max.

Original AirPods Max features a button and a digital crown for controlling it but fakes AirPods Max usually don’t feature the digital crown to save costs. 

Connectivity and Features

Original AirPods Max connects seamlessly to your other Apple devices like iPhone, Macs, and more. Fakes will have an unintuitive connectivity experience, they will take longer to connect or sometimes won’t even connect. 

Fake AirPods Max won’t support Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency mode, hands-free Siri, Spatial audio, and other features that you can find on the original AirPods Max.

Sound Quality and Battery Life

Apple AirPods Max may not be the best sounding headphones in their price category, but they still sound amazing. Fakes will use mediocre drivers and have poor software tuning which can lead to a poor audio experience. 

Original AirPods Max is rated to offer 20 hours of battery life, while fakes may only offer 5-6 hours of battery life. 

Final Thoughts – Airpods Max Clone Review

These clones of the AirPods Max are a confusing product line. They are cheap yet perform well in terms of sound for the price. They look and feel awful, look bad, and might break any second. They also don’t come with any features like automatic connectivity, battery indicator, or any software support.

It is really a basic set of clone headphones that just do the job of playing music over Bluetooth, AUX, or SD card. I feel like these are first-generation clones and you will exact look-alikes soon. In the future, I am sure there will be better clones of the AirPods Max that look and feel better and probably perform better too. 

I would never recommend these, as you can get much better headphones at this price. I would only recommend these if you are trying to make a fool out of someone as a prank. You can buy these if you want to trick someone as they are very cheap. Check out our Airpods Max Clone Review for all the details.

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