Why has my Apple Pay Declined? | Guide with Fixes for 2022

Why has my Apple Pay Declined

Facing issues when it comes to payments on Apple Pay? This guide on why has my Apple Pay declined will explain why you are facing these issues and how to resolve them.

Apple Pay is a quick and simple way to make payments, withdraw cash, and more using your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. But it can be frustrating when your Apple Pay payment gets declined. You may be wondering why has my Apple Pay declined, and this article will provide you with the answers.

There are multiple reasons why your Apple Pay payment can get declined, read on to know about them and how to fix them if you are facing the same issues.

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Why has my Apple Pay Declined?

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is an Online Payment System that is similar to Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Apple Pay allows you to make payments, withdraw cash, and more on the go with your iPhone. You can add debit and credit cards to Apple Pay so you can access your money from it.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a closed Online Payment System and so like other closed systems it only works with supported vendors and banks. Apple Pay is only available for iOS users.

Apple Pay has features like Contactless Payment, NFC, and more. And when it comes to payment authentication, Apple Pay allows biometrics like Touch ID and Face ID along with PINs. It has privacy and security features to keep your money safe.

Why has my Apple Pay Declined?

Since Apple Pay is an Online Payment System that works with credit or debit cards, it has the chance to not work perfectly. Sometimes both online systems or debit/credit cards have issues that can lead to declined payments.

A declined payment means your payment wasn’t processed and this can be caused due to several reasons. Apple Pay like any other payment system can have its issues as well and can decline payments.

So if your Apple Pay payment was declined for some reason and you were wondering why, then this article on why has my Apple Pay declined will help you out. You will get to know the reasons and possible fixes for declining Apple Pay payments. Read on to know more.

Poor Connection – Poor connection is one of the most common reasons for failed transitions when it comes to Online Payment Systems like Apple Pay. A poor connection from your end (device), Apple Pay servers, or the recipient’s servers. While you can’t control Apple’s or the recipient’s servers, make sure that your connection is always strong when making Apple Pay payments.

Card Declined – Sometimes the card information you provided Apple Pay may have been wrong and this could be a reason why Apple Pay payment gets declined. There is also a chance that your card is past your validity date and so the payment may have been declined.

If you are using Family Sharing and have Family Sharing turned on for Apple Pay, then the family organizer should make sure all the payment methods and billing information are up to date.

Insufficient Funds or Transaction Limits – Apple Pay works with debit and credit cards, so if you don’t have enough money or have hit the transaction limit, then you won’t be able to use the cards for Apple Pay. You will have to wait for the limit to be lifted or add money to your bank account so that you can use it for Apple Pay.

Other Causes – If you are paying using your debit card to withdraw cash or pay online, then there is a chance you have entered the wrong PIN. If you are doing a contactless payment then make sure to hold your device correctly over the terminal to make a successful payment.

The above are some of the reasons why has my Apple Pay declined. If you are someone facing these issues, then you might wonder what happened. If you are wondering what happens when a payment gets declined and if you should be worried about anything, then continue reading. The next section will cover what happens when an Apple Pay payment gets declined.

What happens when Apple Pay Payment gets Declined?

When your Apple Pay transaction/payment gets declined, there are a few things that can happen. You will get notified about the failed transaction and you can see the same in the Wallet app on your iPhone.

Apple Wallet App

When a payment gets declined, most of the time the money has not left your bank account yet. You will get notified whether any money was deducted from your account or not, or you can even check your balance to make sure.

Why has my Apple Pay Declined

Sometimes, when the payment fails there is a chance that your money has left your account but hasn’t reached the recipient. In such cases, you will get a refund automatically. The refund can get processed immediately or take a few days. It’s best to wait and see.

In case you don’t get a refund, you don’t have to panic, as you can contact Apple Pay customer care to get your refund. A failed payment is a payment that didn’t go through, and this can be caused due to any of the reasons listed in the previous section, but there are things you can do to make sure your payment is successful.

What to do when Apple pay has Declined?

There are many fixes that you can try to get your Apple Pay working correctly. And sometimes there are no solutions for example when Apple Pay or the recipient’s server is down. But here are some of the things you can do when your Apple Pay payment/transaction is declined.

Firstly, you need to find out what is causing these problems with your Apple Pay payment. You can check why the payment was declined, if the reason is listed you can check for the appropriate solution below, if not you can try these solutions below.

Check your Connection – If your internet connection is stable, there is a good chance that your Apple Pay payment will get declined. To reset your iPhone’s internet connection, you can toggle Airplane mode between on and off, or restart your iPhone and maybe even try updating your iPhone for the best connection. Sometimes the problem can be with Apple’s or the recipient’s servers, in which case you have to wait before trying again to pay.

Change or Update Payment Information – Wrong or outdated payment information can lead to declined Apple Pay payments, so make sure you have given the correct payment information for Apple Pay to work smoothly. To change or update your payment information, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on your name in the Settings app.

What to do when Apple pay has Declined

Step 3 Now, tap on Payment & Shipping. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password to sign in.

Step 4 Now, check if the payment method just below the Apple Account Balance is working. Because when your Apple Account Balance is 0, Apple will deduct the amount from the second payment method below the Apple Account Balance.

how to update payment method on iphone

Step 5 Tap on Add Payment Method, to add a new payment method. Or select the Payment Method that you want to update, and edit the details. Details like Name, Card Number, and more are easy to get wrong so make sure you type all the details correctly.

Step 6 You can also delete a payment method if needed, to delete, hit the Edit button on the upper-right corner, and Delete it.

Step 7 You can also reorder the Payment Methods if you want to, tap on the Edit, and use the three grey colored lines to rearrange.

Check Transaction Limits – Banks are known to place limits on credit cards and debit cards when it comes to daily transactions and more. In such cases, if the Apple Pay payment you are trying to make is higher than the allowed limit, then your payment will get declined. So be sure to operate within the limit.

Check with Card Issuer – If you can resolve the issue, then you can contact your bank or card issuer and ask them to clarify why your payment is getting declined. Sometimes, only online payments may not be working while the card can work at local shops. So ask the issuer for possible solutions.

Why has my Apple Pay Declined? – Conclusion

Apple Pay is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make payments using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. But like pretty much anything, it is not perfect. And while Apple might not have much to do with it, other factors can cause issues with Apple Pay.

Card details and payment information is wrong can cause issues with Apple Pay payment. Connectivity issues can also lead to your payment getting declined. But for most of these issues, there are solutions as I have mentioned above.

Apple Pay is a safe and secure way to pay, so if you are facing any issues with payments using Apple Pay, I hope this guide on ‘why has my Apple Pay declined’ has helped you.

What to do if you see an unexpected charge?

If you see an unexpected charge on your Apple Pay, you can request a refund but you must have paid for the purchase first. You can also cancel a subscription if you were charged for it without your notice or if you don’t want to continue it.

Which Countries And Regions Have Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a popular online payment system, but it’s only available in selected regions and countries. You can check out below where you can use Apple Pay.

  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Macao
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and other European Countries)
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Israel
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada

What Does Declined Apple Pay Payment Mean?

If you received an email stating your payment has been declined, it means that the bank was unable to process it using Apple Pay. This could be due to insufficient funds in your bank account to pay. You will have to add money and try again. Read our guide on why has my Apple Pay declined to know more.

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