Best iOS App for Audiobooks | February 2022 Update

Best iOS App for Audiobooks

Planning on listening to Audiobooks on your iOS device? Check out our list of the Best iOS App for Audiobooks!

Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. I love books and they are the reason why I am a writer. While reading is my preferred way to go through a book, I have been getting very accustomed to audiobooks thanks to a lot of benefits. Audiobooks are convenient, fun, and a different way to enjoy books.

Audiobooks are especially convenient when you are traveling. Audiobooks are also great if you are visually impaired, you can reduce unnecessary stress to your eyes like when trying to read in the dark or a moving vehicle. And when done right, the experience of listening to an audiobook can be as good as reading it yourself.

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If you are someone who loves the idea of audiobooks or already enjoys listening to audiobooks then this article is for you. This article is a compilation of the best audiobook apps for iOS devices. So download one and start listening to your favorite books from your iPhone or iPad. Here’s our list of the Best iOS App for Audiobooks.

After having reviewed all the Apps for Audiobooks based on various factors like UI/UX, performance, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 5 that really stood out. These 5 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best iOS app for Audiobooks is Apple Books. It offers better library management than other apps and it allows the user to buy new books easily. It also has categories like the reading now section that makes the experience extremely convenient. Most importantly, Apple Books has a wide range of Audiobooks.

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Best iOS App for Audiobooks

Apple Books

Apple has developed many apps for iOS and you might be surprised to discover all of them. One such app is Apple Books, as it is not as popular as some other audiobook apps on this list but it is just as good. It’s one of the Best iOS App for Audiobooks.

The Apple Books app is more than sufficient for all your audiobook needs. The app has been recently redesigned and it now offers better library management and easier access to audiobooks you own. The app will show on the home page under the Reading Now section. You will also find all the books you have added to your wishlist along with recommendations from the book store. 

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The inclusion of a book store into the app is a big advantage as you can shop for new audiobooks from the app itself. It makes it easier for the user to build their library. The only disadvantage for Apple Books is that it is available only in select countries. 

Apple Books is one of the best audiobooks apps for iOS devices. It offers an intuitively designed app, simple-to-use audiobook player, in-app purchases, CarPlay support, and more for free. 

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Audible is easily the largest and most advanced audiobook service in the world. Audible is developed and powered by Amazon making it one of the most popular iOS apps for audiobooks. Audible offers the largest audiobook library of any app on this list including exclusives created for the platform. 

Audible provides you with two options when it comes to receiving content. You can either buy the audiobook you want and listen to it. The other option is to get an Audible subscription, either the Audible Plus subscription or the Audible Premium Plus subscription. The advantage to having a subscription is that you can download and enjoy audiobooks any time you want without getting redirected to a payment website every time you want to buy a book. 

Audible is a free app so you can download it anytime you want on your iOS device. And once you have the app on your device, you will find all the audiobooks that you have previously bought. The app is also ad-free and syncs between all your devices and so you can continue where you left from regardless of the device you are using. 

Audible has one of the best, if not the best audio quality for audiobooks. You can also adjust narration speed, skip through narration, and more. You can download audiobooks and listen to them offline too. 

Audible offers a complete experience when it comes to audiobooks. It offers the largest selection of audiobooks to choose from, a good ad-free experience, tons of features, and an easy-to-use interface. And best of all it is completely free to use. 

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If you are looking to borrow audiobooks rather than buy them, then Libby is a library designed for audiobooks. Libby is developed by OverDrive and it can borrow and manage content between different libraries. So technically Libby is the only app you will ever need if you want to borrow audiobooks. 

Once you have downloaded and signed into Libby, you can start borrowing ebooks and audiobooks. You can stream the borrowed audiobooks or download and use them offline. 

What makes Libby unique is that it can sync between different libraries and show all books available on a unified shelf. So if you are registered to multiple libraries that offer audiobooks then, you can borrow from any library you want. And you can access and play these audiobooks on Libby itself. 

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Borrowing ebooks or audiobooks is much cheaper than buying books so Libby is one of the best and cheapest ways to enjoy audiobooks. The only disadvantage of Libby is that the library of audiobooks available is not as large as something like Audible and it never will be, but you can enjoy it for free as long as you are registered at the public library. 

Libby is a simple, free app that you can use for audiobooks or ebooks, it has a nice user interface, legal yet completely free. 

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Google Play Books

Google Play Books will be the one for you if you have been a long-time user of Google’s services and app or if you are stitching to iOS after being an Android user. Since its launch, Google has been developing the Play Books app and it is safe to say it is one of the best apps you can buy for audiobooks.

The Google Play Books app is an all-in-one app for books as you can access ebooks, audiobooks, textbooks, and comic books all from one app. While it doesn’t have a book catalog as big as Amazon or Audible, it is probably the next biggest even beating Apple Books. You also get the option to choose between a subscription model or buying each book. 

If you used Google Books before, then all your audiobooks from your account will get synced to your iOS device as well. You can use it on different devices too and they will always be synced so you can start where you left off. Google Play Books is available on CarPlay too so you can listen to your audiobooks while driving too. 

Google Play Books is one of the best audiobooks apps for iOS devices as it is free, easy, and intuitive to use, offers tons of titles, syncs between multiple devices, offer CarPlay support, and more. 


Kobo has a pretty decent user base and if you are someone who is a part of it then Kobo should be the app for all your audiobooks needs too. If you are invested in Kobo already then you would probably be using it. 

Kobo app added support for audiobooks back in September 2017 and since then they have been adding more titles to it. So you can now access all your ebooks and audiobooks bought from Kobo in one place. 

The app works similar to other ebooks/audiobooks combos apps, as you can both read and listen on it. While you can do both, the app is much better suited for reading than listening. The app itself is easy to use and the player is designed very well. The player has features that allow you to navigate through the book, time left, narration speed control, and more. 

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Kobo is great for anyone who has been using their services already. The only downside is that the audio quality is not the greatest and there is no CarPlay support yet. But you get tons of content, an elegant audiobook player, and access to both ebooks and audiobooks in one place while being free to download and use. 

Best iOS App for Audiobooks – Takeaway

The best audiobook apps are the ones with a huge library of books to choose from. Audiobook apps are fairly simple and so a good audiobook app should be easy to make. But yet there are tons of bad audiobook apps for iOS devices.

The above apps are some of the most popular audiobook apps for iOS devices. And the reason for their popularity is that they are robust, feature-rich, and have tons of books to choose from. My personal favorites are Audible and Google Play Books, but you can choose the best one according to your needs.


Which audiobook app is the best?

Any of the above apps are great for audiobooks. While Apple Books and Kobo are limited to Apple users, other apps are available on different platforms like Windows and Android too. Some honorable mentions include LibriVox, OverDrive, Scribd,, and Amazon Kindle. 

Which is the best app for free audiobooks?

Most apps require you to buy books or have subscriptions to listen to audiobooks. Apps like Google Play Books, Kindle, and LibriVox offer free books that you can listen to. You have to keep your eye out for free books as they won’t stay free forever. 

What is the cheapest way to listen to audiobooks on iOS? 

All the apps in the above list are free to download and use but you need to buy or subscribe to listen to them. If you are looking for low-cost options then Audible or Google Play Books might be the best options for you. 

If you listen to tons of books then you should subscribe to Audible or if you are interested in buying one book at a time the google Play Books offer the best deals and cheapest prices. Check out our list of the Best iOS App for Audiobooks for all the details.

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