AT&T iPhone Trade-In Vs Apple Trade-In | Detailed Comparison for 2022

AT&T iPhone Trade-In Vs Apple Trade-In

Want to trade your iPhone? Check out which way you should go with our AT&T iPhone Trade-In Vs Apple Trade-In comparison.

Millions across the globe proudly use iPhones. Each of them is induced to grab the newer technology upgrades Apple pumps into its devices from time to time. While the new iPhone you dream to buy may look expensive, trading in your used iPhone can help subsidize its cost.   

Trade-in programs are becoming very popular among iPhone users who want to get the most bucks for their broken or used gadgets. Different trade-in programs on the internet allure the customers saying they buy iPhones in any condition, also assuring the highest price guarantee.

In this post, I will let you discover how to trade in your old iPhone. I have also compared the two most popular trade-in avenues for iPhones below to discuss AT&T iPhone trade-in Vs Apple trade-in. 

So, at the end of this reading, you may probably be able to conclude which trade-in platform is likely to give you the best experience combined with the top price for your device.

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AT&T iPhone Trade-In Vs Apple Trade-In

Choosing between the different trade-in avenues can be a tricky thing. To get the best out of your chosen route, you need to make an informed decision. Therefore, AT&T iPhone trade-in Vs Apple trade-in is a useful topic for you especially before trying to upgrade your iPhone.

So, let us first go with the iPhone trade-in basics and then compare the AT&T iPhone trade-in and Apple trade-in programs.

  • What is an iPhone trade-in?
  • Types of trade-in programs
  • What is AT&T iPhone Trade-in?
  • What is Apple Trade-in?
  • How do iPhone trade-in programs work?
  • Trade in Values
  • How to choose the best iPhone trade-in program?
  • AT&T iPhone trade-in pros and cons
  • Apple iPhone trade-in pros and cons

What is an iPhone trade-in?

An iPhone trade-in program is quite simple to understand – you trade in your used device for the purpose of upgrading to the latest model. In the process, you get a credit value that is adjusted to the price of your new device.

Types of trade-in programs

There are three types of trade-in programs for iPhones you must know.

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Carrier trade-in programs

Carrier trade-in programs are those offered by popular cell phone service providers like Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. These firms go by the idea that most users need only one phone. Therefore, they use their trade-in programs to allure their customers to upgrade.

Most carrier trade-in programs permit trade-in upgrades once every two years. The majority of carriers accept relatively new devices and these programs make it difficult to sell older iPhone models.

Apple iPhone trade-in program

Apple iPhone trade-in program is Apple’s own trade-in program that helps subsidize the price of an upgrade you dream of. By choosing this route, you can hope to save on the monthly cost of the iPhone model you wish to buy. It is possible to use Apple’s trade-in program for top carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.

Trading-in to iPhone buyback companies

The third and last type of trade-in is to sell your used device to an iPhone buyback company. These trade-in programs are offered by third-party firms that are connected neither to Apple nor to the cell carriers.

In this method, the customers can get an offer online, ship in their device, and get the payment. One of the top advantages of these buyback programs is the flexibility you enjoy to choose from a variety of models and conditions.

What is AT&T iPhone Trade-in?

AT&T iPhone Trade-In Vs Apple Trade-In

AT&T Trade-In is a carrier operated iPhone trade-in program happening on AT&T’s online trade-in portal. To start with, you will have to get the initial quote. Identify the device you wish to trade-in and give its storage capacity.

Answer the basic questions about the condition of the iPhone you are trading-in. It is important that you report every small problem with the device as AT&T will analyze the condition by checking it thoroughly after you ship it to them.

Enter the serial number or IMEI of the device. If you are a current customer, include the mobile number.

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Once you have inputted all the details for the questions, you will get the estimated trade-in value for your device. This is only conditional as it will depend on the final inspection of the item after it reaches AT&T.

If you wish to go with the trade-in process, you can choose between in-store trade-in and online trade-in.

What is Apple Trade-in?

AT&T iPhone Trade-In Vs Apple Trade-In

If you choose to buy your new iPhone directly from Apple through a plan like the iPhone Upgrade program, you are giving back the device to Apple. If you have got the user device through an outright purchase or paying a monthly installment to own it eventually, you have a few other options as well.

The first step in Apple trade-in is to identify the model of your current iPhone including its storage details. You can find this easily by going to Settings > General > About. You must also check the overall condition of the device and report it in the appropriate space provided.

Remember that the areas that do not work and a cracked screen may reduce the trade-in value.

How do iPhone trade-in programs work?

While trading in your used iPhone through either of these trade-in programs, you can choose between in-store trade-in and online trade-in programs.

In-store trade-in program

The in-store trade-in program lets you bypass the online process. In this way, you avoid the tension of sending your iPhone to someone you do not know. Instead, you get the value of the device estimated by a friendly face in the mobile shop in person.

To go with this process, you need to take the device to the nearest AT&T location or an authorized Apple showroom. The personnel in the store will examine the device closely to assess it for any functionality and cosmetic issues. After the inspection, you will get the trade-in value. It is left to you to accept or reject the offer.

Online trade-in

If you find the online trade-in process convenient, you can get the quote online by filling in the details about your device in the relevant sections on the respective websites. If you are happy with the offer price, you can ship the device.

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Mailing the device to AT&T or Apple is free. It is necessary that the device is shipped to the company within 30 days of initiating the trade-in process. After shipping the item, you can check the status of the trade-in process online.

After the device is checked, the trade-in value will be confirmed. If you accept, you will receive the credit within two weeks.

Trade in Values

Trade-in values might fluctuate from time to time. When it comes to the trade-in value of your specific item, it will also depend on the trade-in program you choose, the specifications, functionality, and cosmetic conditions of your iPhone.

 However, to give you a rough idea before you check it personally for your device, here are the latest trade-in values for a few popular iPhone models on AT&T and Apple.

iPhone trade-in values on AT&T and Apple

Phone modelAT&T Trade-in valueApple Trade-in value
iPhone 8 Plus$350$100
iPhone 12$800$300
iPhone 12 Pro$800$400
iPhone 13$800$500
iPhone 13 Pro$800$550

How to choose the best iPhone trade-in program?

Both AT&T and Apple iPhone trade-in programs have their own pros and cons. In both these trade-in programs, you do not get cash in return.

You only get store credits you can use to subsidize the value of your new purchase. Which one to choose for your specific case depends on your upgrade needs and specific trade-in situation.

However, looking at the pros and cons of these two trade-in programs will guide you in choosing the right program for your iPhone trade-in requirements.

AT&T iPhone trade-in pros and cons

Offers better trade-in rates on all models of iPhones when compared to the Apple trade-in programThe credits can be used only on monthly payments on your gadget purchase
You can use the trade-in credits to buy a wide range of gadgets other than those of Apple tooYou can’t get trade-in credits upright
Convenient for existing and new AT&T customersNot convenient for AT&T customers who own iPhones

Apple iPhone trade-in pros and cons

The best option is when you want to use the trade-in credits to purchase other Apple products at subsidized rates.You can’t use the trade-in credits to buy gadgets other than those of Apple
You can use Apple’s iPhone trade-in program for all of the top carriers including AT&TOlder iPhone models are not worth considering for the trade-in program
You can choose to save on the monthly cost of the latest iPhone modelYou can’t get cash in return for the iPhone you traded-in
You get the credits on your trade-in upright to use them convenientlyThe Prices are comparatively much lower than those offered by AT&T

AT&T iPhone Trade-In Vs Apple Trade-In – Takeaway

While you may be highly excited about buying your new iPhone, you may also be curious to know what to do with your old iPhone. The two popular iPhone trade-in programs I have compared for you in this post are the AT&T iPhone trade-in and Apple trade-in.

The best way to get the top price on your used iPhone is to get valuations from both the trade-in programs on their respective websites and check which one offers you a better price.

I am sure you have found this post useful in deciding how to choose the right iPhone trade-in program. So, go forward and upgrade your iPhone at a subsidized price and enjoy all the benefits of the upgrade you are opting for.

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