Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone in 2022

Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

Not able to send or receive voicemails? Check out the ways to fix voicemail not working on iPhone in the guide. 

Voicemails are convenient ways of letting someone know why you are calling them if they are busy. While these are convenient tools, they can sometimes have issues, where you won’t be able to receive or send them.

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I have been plagued with this issue multiple times before and it can be frustrating to miss out n important voicemails. But fortunately, this is a fixable problem. 

Voicemail not working issue on iPhone can be down to multiple reasons and that is what we will be looking at today. The reasons and fixes to iPhone voicemail not working. 

You can fix voicemail issues on iPhone by resetting cellular data, deleting old voicemails, resetting network settings, and more. Check out all the Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone below.

Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

Why is my iPhone voicemail not working

There can be many reasons why your iPhone’s voicemail is not working. Some of them are poor connectivity, bugs, and limited storage. Luckily all of these issues have fixes. Check out below for ways to fix voicemail not working on iPhone

Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

Verify that Voicemail is set up on your iPhone

This might be overlooked, but you have to check if voicemail is set up before looking for any fixes. Sometimes, updates can reset your settings and this can include, so check if a recent update wiped out your old voicemail configuration. 

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To check if voicemail is set up, open the Phone app and then tap on the Voicemail tab, here you can see if voicemail is set up. 

Alternatively, you can also check by, opening Settings, and tapping on Phone. Here, if there is Change Voicemail Password, then you are good to go. 

Empty Your Voicemail Box

While modern iPhones have plenty of space to store call data, voicemails, and messages, the storage dedicated to each of them is limited. So, the voicemail storage is limited and can fill up fast over time. This is why you have to clear them once in a while especially if you receive a lot of spam calls. 

To delete older voicemails, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Phone app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on Voicemail.

Step 3 Tap on Edit in the top right corner and select the voicemails you want to delete. 

Step 4 Once you have selected, tap on the Delete button in the bottom right corner.

This will free up space for voicemails and you will be able to receive more if this was the issue. If you are still not able to receive voicemails move on to the next section. 

Check for a Carrier Settings Update

Carrier settings need updates once in a while, but most people are not aware of this. Updating settings will fix issues with an internet connection, poor voice quality, and more. Similarly, it can also fix issues with voicemails.

Carrier settings are usually updated automatically, but you can also do it manually. To update carrier settings, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on General.

Step 3 Scroll down and tap on About.

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Step 4 If you see a popup that says ‘Install a Carrier Update’, then tap Update. If you don’t see it, then your iPhone’s carrier settings are up to date. 

If you are not receiving voicemails even after updating carrier settings, move on to the next fix.

Turn Cellular Service Off and On Again

Resetting your cellular service can fix issues with voicemails. And this can even reduce voicemail download time. To turn your cellular service on and off, do this,

Either restart your iPhone or turn on Airplane mode and then switch it off. This will reset your cellular service. Check if your voicemail is working as expected if not check out the next fix. 

Make Sure Cellular Data Is On

Cellular data is not required to receive voicemails but it will help. Cellular data is necessary for the Visual Voicemail feature. And since voicemail is a carrier feature, turning on cellular data might help.

voicemail not working on iphone 11

To turn on cellular data, open Settings on your iPhone, tap on Cellular, and then tap on Cellular Data to turn it on or off. 

Enable Wi-Fi Calling

If your cellular service is poor then enabling Wi-Fi calling will help in receiving voicemails. This is because a poor cellular connection can lead to long download times and missed notifications for voicemails. Wi-Fi calling will resolve this issue. 

To turn on Wi-Fi calling on iPhone, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on Phone. 

Step 3 Tap on Wi-Fi Calling. 

iphone voicemail not working after update

Step 4 Now, toggle Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone to on.

Now your iPhone will enable Wi-Fi calling if you are on Wi-Fi which is a cool feature as it doesn’t cost anything extra. Wi-Fi calling also has better voice quality so I would recommend leaving it on.

Make Sure Call Forwarding Is Off

Call forwarding is a feature that directs your calls to a different number. And this can affect voicemails too, so make sure call forwarding is turned off. 

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To turn off call forwarding, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on Phone.

Step 3 Tap on Call Forwarding.

Step 4 Tap on it to Disable it. 

All carriers don’t support call forwarding, so if you find the setting on your iPhone, then don’t worry, it just means your carrier doesn’t support it.

Reset Network Settings

If voicemail is still not working on your iPhone then resetting the network settings might help. Resetting network settings will reset everything related to your iPhones cellular settings. This will fix any issues with your network including poor connectivity, mobile data, and more.

To reset network settings, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Tap on General.

Step 3 Scroll down and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 4 Now, tap on Reset.

at&t voicemail not working

Step 5 Select Reset Network Settings.

Resetting network settings will only reset them to default, you won’t lose any data from your iPhone.


Voicemail is something a lot of people use on a daily basis. If it doesn’t work as intended, it can be frustrating. That is why we came up with this article to let iPhone users know how to fix any issues with their voicemail.

There are many ways to fix voicemail not working on iPhone problem. Try them all just to be sure. Hope this guide helped and you can send and receive voicemails as you please. 

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