12 Best Cheap iPad Alternatives | August 2021 Update

Best Cheap iPad Alternatives

Looking for an affordable Tablet? Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives!

The Apple iPad is the most sought after tablet in the market. It’s sleek in design, easy to use and is packed with some of Apple’s most advanced processing chips that get the task done easily. However, it’s insanely expensive. Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the details.

Though many wish they could own an iPad, the high price causes a hindrance and makes the potential buyer turn to other cheap alternatives that deliver similar performance and specifications at a fraction of the price.

If a good functioning tablet is what you need and are not entirely keen on picking up the new iPad, then there are some affordable alternatives to choose from. Amazon to Huawei, we will take you through the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives.

After having reviewed hundreds and hundreds of Cheap iPad Alternatives based on various factors like design, function, feature, performance, and price; My team and I zeroed in on 12 that really stood out. These 12 were further put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best cheap iPad alternative is the CHUWI UBook X 12 Inch Tablet. Not only is the amazing tablet only priced at $369 but it is also equipped with an amazing design and comes with brilliant functions. It also delivers a stunning performance due to the Intel Gemini Lake N4100 low-power processor and 2.4GHz. turbo frequency.

Best Cheap iPad Alternatives

Fire 7 tablet

The Fire 7 tablet is one of the best tablets from Amazon. This amazing tablet is equal in design and build quality to Apple’s iPad mini and is equipped with a powerful storage and vast storage space. An like all Amazon ecosystem products, this one comes with Alexa tp make your life even more convenient. It’s one of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives.

Other than the overbearing specs, this device offers access to over 570,000 apps and games, 475,000 audible titles, millions of songs, movies, and eBooks.


Weighing only about 286 grams, Fire 7 is one of the lighter tablets in the market. It also happens to be sleek with a thickness of only 9.6mm, making it easy to carry and use.

While this tablet doesn’t have an outstanding or unique build, it does have a compact design. In fact, it has a plastic body with dimensions of 7.6” x 4.5” x 0.4”. And it comes in pastel colors in addition to the original matte black.

It also has a 7” touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 x 600p at 171 PPI. The screen is surrounded by really thick bezels which are reminiscent of the tablets from the early 2010s. It also has a 2MP camera and the Amazon logo at the back. You can also find a speaker on the left side of the device.

The home/power button is on top of the device along with a micro-USB charging port, volume button and an earphone jack. Unlike the majority of the latest tablets, this one has a MicroSD slot that allows you to expand the storage up to 512GB.

All in all, it has a decent build and acceptable design. Although a bit outdated, it is extremely easy to use it, especially in Landscape mode. In fact, we highly recommend it.


This tablet comes with a MediaTek 8163 Quad-Core 1.3 GHz Processor with 1 GB of RAM. This beast of a processor can easily handle heavy tasks. Especially since this device is meant to be a media/entertainment-specific tablet.

In addition to the potential 512Gb external storage, it does has a 16GB and a 32 GB internal storage option. It also has a battery life of 7 hours and can easily last for a but more even your watching videos for the entirety of the charge. on the other hand, It does take it’s time to charge to 100%. It takes around 4 hours using the micro-USB adaptor.


While this tablet isn’t the latest in tech, design or feature, it is a good beginner tablet and a cheaper alternative to the iPad. Most importantly, this tablet is meant for entertainment so the quality of the video, the processing power is pretty good for its price. And since it’s an Amazon product you get three months of Kindle Unlimited for free.

CHUWI UBook X 12 Inch Tablet

Although the CHUWI might seem like an unknown brand it’s actually pretty huge in Asia. Not only do their tablets have an amazing design but these beauties are brilliant when it comes to performance. Most importantly, their famous CHUWI UBook X 12 Inch Tablet is one of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives.

The CHUWI UBook X 12 Inch Tablet is a great alternative for the iPad not because it’s so affordable but because it is equipped with a Wacom chip that provides top-tier writing, sketching and painting experience. What makes this a true no brainer is the low delay sensor that ensures no lag or stutters.


This tablet is made from an extremely light aluminium-magnesium alloy which weighs 780 grams. Additionally, it is only 9 mm in thickness. So, not only is this amazing tablet easy to carry it’s also comfortable to work with for long durations.

The overall design itself is ergonomic and elegant. Even the smooth texture feels great to the touch. This tablet even has a unique transformational body that offers three modes for the user’s various needs: a tablet mode, a demonstration mode and a laptop mode.

It also has a U-shaped bracket that’s attached to the back portion of the tablet. It can be adjusted from 0° to 145° and works as a stand.


It has a 12 inch IPS screen with a 2K resolution and offers 340 nits of brightness. Frankly put it’s one of the highest quality displays for a tablet in the world. Additionally, this screen uses a 3:2 golden aspect ratio in order to bring the beauty of the imagery.

This tablet is equipped with UHD Graphics 600 graphics card that is known for its expectational processing prowess. This allows a smooth display of 4K video.

When it comes to performance, this tablet is absolutely brilliant. It is equipped with an Intel Gemini Lake N4100 low-power processor which has 4 cores and 4 threads. It also has a Turbo frequency 2.4GHz.

The combination of all of this can not only help you sketch anything with ease but also execute heavy spec-dependent tasks with close zero effort. Since it is a low-power processor it reduces heat and improves battery life.


This tablet is packed with a 38Wh battery that offers a long battery life and processors that use power optimization to further increase the speed and increase the battery life. This efficient use of processing power and overall features make this tablet a no brainer when it comes to being the best iPad alternative in the market. Especially, when it comes to the price.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is an affordable, sleek-looking tablet from Amazon. The Fire HD 10 works on an easy to use user interface Amazon Fire OS that is based on Android. However, the only drawback would be that you can only use Amazon’s Store and not the Google Play store for any applications or software updates. It’s one of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives of 2021.

The Fire HD 10 is primarily retailed as an entertainment device rather than a regular tablet, so who’s to stop you from wanting to pick one up? It’s an overall entertainment monster that packs a decent display, battery and rather smooth UI and processor.


The Fire HD 10 looks and feels quite similar to the earlier model, the Fire HD 8. It is sold in 3 color variants to choose from and weighs in at a measly 490 grams. The Fire HD 10 is a sturdy slab/slate that isn’t waterproof and does not have any iP rating. 

At the bottom of the device you’ll have the dual speakers with pretty decent sound output. At the side of the device are the 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port and micro SD card slot.

On the front of the Fire HD 10 is the 10.1”, 1920*1200 px display that plays videos in true 1080p and also has decent viewing angles. 


The Fire HD 10 runs on a modified version of Android, the latest from Amazon; the Fire OS 5.5. The chipset powering the Fire HD 10 is a Quad Core 1.8GHz MT8173B MediaTek processor that’s about twice as fast as the HD 8 allowing you to multi-task and switch between tabs smoothly.

Running on a 2GB RAM, the UI has a smooth performance and is far more responsive than you’d expect. The Fire HD 10 has a solid 6200mAh Li-Polymer battery that let’s it run for a nice 8-10 hours before having to be charged again. 

The Fire HD 10 is available in 2 variants, 32GB and 64GB that is ideal for watching movies offline. You can expand your storage by upto 256GB with the help of a microSD card. 

The Fire HD 10 features a 2MP rear camera with 720p video recording capabilities. The front camera is a VGA camera allowing you to make video calls. 

The Fire HD 10 is pre-sold with Alexa enabled for a complete wireless experience. With the help of Alexa at your fingertips wherever you go, life becomes easier. You can control the Fire HD 10 by asking Alexa to reply to messages, select songs from a playlist, update appointments in the calendar and more. 

Verdict on the Fire HD 10

The Fire HD 10 is an all-rounder in terms of being a smart tablet with a budget price point. Easy access to your Prime accounts and live entertainment at your fingertips. Being sold at very reasonable $149.99 on Amazon, the Fire HD 10 is a good piece of machinery for entertainment enthusiasts all day, every day.

Dragon Touch Max 10

The Dragon Touch Max 10 is an Android based 10” tablet that provides a superior entertainment experience. The Max 10 is a budget Android tablet that is hard wear-resistant, making it ideal to use in rough environments. 

Play games, read an E-book or simply be used as a portable GPS Map, the Max 10 has something in store for everyone.


At the front of the device is the large 10.1” IPS display and the front facing camera. The sides of the device house the USB charging port, the microSD port, power button, volume toggle and a reset pinhole

The bottom of the device are the speakers that deliver crisp and clear audio. At the back of the device are the rear camera setup and the Dragon Touch logo.

The device has a slim body but don’t let that fool you, the Max 10 though slim, is one sturdy device with a decent grip. 


The Dragon Touch Max 10 runs on stock Android 9.0 (Pie) and is powered by a 64-bit Octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB inbuilt storage. A GMS certified Android tablet, you have complete access to Google Services and the Play Store.

The Max 10 has an in-built 32GB storage capacity that is expandable upto 128GB via a microSD. The display on the Max 10 is a vivid 10.1” IPS screen with 1920*1200 FHD resolution, delivering clear video playback. The Max 10 has dual speakers, dual band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) allowing you to have an unmatched entertainment experience. 

The Max 10 has been designed to provide the user with the ability to multitask and for complete high-speed network connectivity. A lightweight device at 544 grams, the Max 10 houses a large 5000mAh battery that delivers upto 10 hours of video playback.

Verdict on the Dragon Touch Max 10

The Dragon Touch Max 10 can not be compared to an Apple iPad in terms of performance or design. However, Max 10 is an ideal option to choose from considering it costs relatively less than the iPad and has a decent-sized display. The Max 10 is available on Amazon for a reasonable $139.99

Vankyo MatrixPad S30

The MatrixPad S30 is a 10” Octa-core high performance tablet running on Android. The S30 is built for multitasking and let’s you switch between apps faster than before. 

With a powerful processor, high capacity battery and a good widescreen display, the S30 guarantees a faster experience with the ability to multitask simultaneously.


The S30 is built to be a lightweight tablet making it easy to carry around easier to slide into your backpack. The front of the tablet is the 10.1” display and a 8MP camera, while the back of the device holds the 13MP camera setup. 

Along the sides of the device you’d find the microSD slot, USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack slot, volume toggle switches, power button and reset pin hole.

All in all the S30 measures in at 9.49 x 6.1 x 0.38 in and weighs 1.1kg making it an ideal size to carry around with you.


The Vankyo MatrixPad S30 is a fast device thanks to the hardware used to manufacture it. The high-performance 1.6Ghz Octa-core processor delivers a smart and fast experience. The S30 is GMS certified and runs on stock Android 9.0 (Pie)

The widescreen display on the S30 is 10.1” and has full HD capabilities, not compromising on the quality of the video the IPS display delivers vivid details. The S30 has dual speakers that produce authentic and high-quality audio all the time, giving you the ability to live in the scene.

The whopping 6000mAh battery gives the S30 the power needed to run for hours on end. The long lasting battery allows you to either read for 15 hours, maximum overall use for upto 11 hours and around 8-9 hours video playback.

The S30 comes with 3GB of RAM 32GB internal storage and is expandable upto 128GB via a microSD card, the expandable feature lets you keep all your documents, movies, photographs at arms length.

Verdict on the Vankyo MatrixPad S30

The Vankyo MatrixPad S30 offers an optimised experience for each user. It houses a fast processor, high powered battery, nice display and feels premium to use. The MatrixPad S30 is sold at $149.99 on Amazon and is available in Grey. 

Considering the features and the price of the S30, it is a good cheaper alternative to the iPad.

Huawei MediaPad T5

The Huawei MediaPad T5 is a mid range tablet that houses a 10″ IPS display, plenty of performance and with a price that falls in the affordable category, making it a real contender on this list. The T5 handles well and is an overall achiever. The T5 is shipped with a modular USB power supply, micro USB cable and a sim tool.


The MediaPad T5 has a matte black surface that has a nice texture to it and offers the user with plenty of grip. The 10″ IPS display is situated at the front of the device with slightly broader bezels thus protecting the screen from cracks and breaks.

The sides of the T5 have the power button, volume toggle, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port and the sim/microSD tray.

The T5 weighs 460 grams and has a size of 0.3 x 9.58 x 6.38 in making it a lightweight portable tablet with some amazing features.


The T5 is equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 659 and an ARM Mali-T830 MP2 GPU. Combined with  4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage, making the T5 ideal for everyday challenges.

The T5 runs on Huawei EMUI 8.0 UI on top of Android Oreo and is GMS certified allowing you to take advantage of the Google Services it has to offer. It is one of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives.

With a 10″ IPS display that has a resolution of 1920*1080, the T5 delivers a trouble free experience in case you’re watching a movie or simply reading the news. Powering the T5 is a 5100mAh battery that delivers roughly 9-10 hours of playback and WiFi usage.

Verdict on the Huawei MediaPad T5

The Huawei MediaPad T5 is a package that delivers a decent performance in a relatively small and handy size. The support for 3G and LTE networks allow you to surf in an uninterrupted manner. Apart from the mediocre camera and no ambient light sensor the T5 that costs $219.99 and can be bought on Amazon, is a decent choice if it’s within your budget and willing to compromise on the specifications.

Dragon Touch Notepad K10

The Dragon Touch K10 offers the perfect combination of power and quality. The K10 is a 10” display tablet with a metal body for a rugged and safe feel. A powerful chipset, large storage and a high capacity battery makes the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 an excellent option for anyone on a tight budget.


The Notepad K10 is a rather bulky tablet with a metallic finish to the body. The front of the device carries the 10.1” screen, the phenomenal display allows the user to watch what’s playing on the tablet from a variety of angles.

The K10 carries a fashionable, line-clear design and is rather slim measuring in at 9.5 x 6.69 x 0.39 inches and weighing roughly 2.2 Kg

The sides of the device house the USB charging port, the microSD port, power button, volume toggle and a reset pinhole. The bottom of the device are the speakers that deliver crisp and clear audio. At the back of the device are the rear camera setup and the Dragon Touch logo.


The Notepad K10 is powered by a robust 64 bit Quad-Core processor that provides a smoother gameplay and launches applications faster than before. 

The Notepad K10 houses a 10” FHD IPS display with a resolution of 1280*800px. The K10 also runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) and comes with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB inbuilt memory. The storage is expandable upto 128GB with the help of a microSD card that fits in the assigned slot on the side of the device.

The K10 has dual speakers, dual band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) allowing you to have an unmatched entertainment experience. The K10 houses a large 5000mAh battery that delivers upto 5 hours of video playback, 10 hours of navigation and upto 50 hours of music playback.

Verdict on the Dragon Touch Notepad K10

The Dragon Touch Notepad K10 makes an overall good device, with great graphics and a powerful battery, to make sure you never run out of charge while working on the tablet. The K10 is sold on Amazon and is currently available at a price of $119.99

BDF M107 10.1” Android Tablet

The BDF M107 is a tablet that is ideal and economical. The device comes in a range of colors to choose from and with the powerful processor and large ram, the M107 will be just right to get the job done. 

The M107 is the perfect blend between a laptop and a smartphone, making it easier to carry around all your important documents and convenient to use while travelling.


The M107 has a relatively slim design and weighs 500 grams. It has a large 10.1” display on the front with reasonably slim bezels, giving the user an immersive experience. 

The sides of the tablet are laden with the necessary ports such as the sim card slot, the microSD slot, power button, volume control, micro USB  charging slot and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The camera setup  on the M107 is pretty decent with a 2MP front facing camera and 5MP rear camera with a LED flash.


The M107 is powered by a high performance Unisoc Octa-core processor and has 2GB of RAM coupled with 32GB internal storage. The storage is expandable upto 64GB with the help of a microSD TF card.

The M107 runs on Android 9.0 and comes GMC certified, now you have access to tons of apps, games and more. The device houses a large 5000mAh Li-ion polymer battery to power it and lasts roughly 6-8 hours depending on the usage.

The display comes with a 10.1” IPS display setup with a resolution of 1280*800, WXGA which provides good color, saturation and overall clarity.

A benefit of the M107 is that it supports OTG devices, making the transfer of data a breeze.

Verdict on the BDF M107 10” Android Tablet

The GDF M107 is an extremely affordable device retailing at $89.09 on AliExpress making it a sought after affordable alternative to the iPad.

Teclast P20HD

A budget 10” tablet, the P20HD from Teclast is one of the best low budget tablets available in the market right now. For the price and being a relatively cheap Android tablet, the P20HD is worth every penny spent.

 The P20HD is laden with hardware that makes it an unmatched tablet in the low-range segment. Teclast has guaranteed that the P20HD performs faster than most others in its class and lets see what makes this device so special.


The Teclast P20HD carries a minimalistic design with next to nothing but the display on the front. The back of the device is cast in metal and provides a nice rugged feel to the tablet.

The sides of the tablet however hold the ports; on the left you’d have the power button, volume rocker, USB-C charging port. On the top of the device are the slots for the 3.5mm headphone jack and 4G sim/microSD card.

The P20HD also has a 2MP Front facing camera and a 5MP rear camera setup.


The P20HD is powered by a Unisoc 64-bit Octa-Core processor and comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage. The P20HD has a nice clear 10.1” IPS display with a resolution of 1920*1200px for a greater viewing experience. 

The P20HD uses a pure sound system and stereo speakers to enhance the experience, whether you are watching movies or listening to music. With a built in GPS and navigation system, the P20HD acts as a portable map wherever you go.

The battery capacity of the P20HD is 6000mAh and delivers a good battery life of roughly 7 hours of extreme use.

Verdict on the Teclast P20HD

Overall, the P20HD from Teclast is an enjoyable tablet bringing a lot to the table without you having to shell out a lot. With a solid build, clean look and smooth operation, the P20HD is one tablet that is designed for everyday tasks and not overclocking the device to have more done.

Starting at $128.63, the Teclast P20HD is available on AliExpress

Blackview Tab 8

Everyone knows Blackview for their rugged and buff smartphones, the same company released a 10.1” tablet that has a lot to offer and costs a lot less than an Apple iPad. It is also one of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives.

Affordability meets style is what Blackview keeps saying about the Tab 8 and there’s no doubt that it is the case. The Tab 8 has great reviews and packs quite a lot for those who desire more.


The Tab 8 boasts an elegant design with exceptional hand-feel, a polished metallic finish and minimalistic curves give the Tab 8 a premium appearance.

The device has a 10.1” IPS display at the front along with the 5MP selfie camera for better photographs. The back of the device is constructed from a lightweight metal and hosts a 13MP rear camera.

On the sides of the device you will find the volume toggle, power button, USB-C charging port and the sim/microSD tray.


The Tab 8 is designed for every occasion. Taking everyones requirements into consideration, Blackview has built the Tab 8 to be a people pleaser. With a 10.1” IPS FHD+ display, the Tab 8 delivers a resolution of 1920*1200px for a flawless viewing experience.

The Tab 8 comes with Dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 for faster connectivity. At the center of it all lies the Unisoc SC9863A SoC, that’s an Octa-core processor that along with a PowerVR graphics processing unit and the support of the 4GB DDR3 RAM deliver unmatched performance. Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the details.

The Tab 8 is available with a 64GB inbuilt storage capacity and can be expanded to 128GB via a microSD. The battery powering the device is a large 6580mAh Li-ion Polymer battery that provides you with a good 8-10 hours of productivity, and upto 408 hours of standby depending on how far the tablet is pushed.

Verdict on the Blackview Tab 8

The Blackview Tab 8 delivers incredible performance and does come close to Apples iPad, and is available in 2 colors. The benefit of having this device is that it’s available at half the price of the iPad and is built to last. The Blackview Tab 8 is available on AliExpress and is retailed at $143.99

Jumper EZ Pad 7

The EZ Pad 7 is a budget friendly alternative to the iPad and is surprisingly a decent windows tablet. The Jumper EZ Pad 7 does not deliver a heart stopping performance but is good enough to be used for normal day to day tasks. 

The EZ Pad 7 is a thin, lightweight tablet/pc that has a pretty decent fast charging system and large battery for an unrivaled battery life.


The Jumper EZ Pad 7  is a tablet with a 10.1” display and a powerful chipset housed in a sleek metallic body and weighs a measly 680 grams

The top of the drive holds the volume toggle and power button, whereas on the side you’d find the USB 3.0 jack, TF Jack, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro HDMI and a DC charging port.

The device measures in at 159.7 * 258 * 10 mm and is rather easy to carry around.


The EZ Pad 7 runs on a Quad Core Intel Cherry Trail X5 Z8350 processor accompanied by 4 Gigs of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. The storage on the EZ Pad 7 can be expanded to upto 128GB via a TF microSD card.

The EZ Pad 7 features a 10.1” FHD display and a resolution of 1920*1200px for clear picture and high color saturation. The EZ Pad 7 also features 4 modes for you based on the type of use; tablet mode, Laptop mode, portable mode and sofa mode.

The EZ Pad 7 is powered by a 6500mAh battery that allows you to do more on less battery use. Coupled with fast charge, the EZ Pad 7 can recharge in a short time and you can get back to working relatively sooner.

Verdict on the Jumper EZ Pad 7

Considered a budget friendly tablet PC, the EZ Pad 7 from Jumper is an ideal choice for those who consider budget as their priority and are willing to compromise on the overall performance a bit. 

Jumper EZ Pad 7 is available on AliExpress and is retailed at $211.25 without the keyboard and $236.25 with the keyboard.

Onda V10 Pro

The Onda V10 Pro is a cost effective tablet which supports fingerprint recognition and runs on Android. The V10 pro is a lightweight product that slides easily into any backpack for easy transportation. 

The V10 Pro is not an overachiever, but is ideal for entertainment use thanks to the large display and decent speakers.   


The 10.1” display is housed in a sleek metallic body and is pretty thin measuring in at 9mm thick. The V10 Pro is a lightweight device coming in at 576 grams making it rather portable.

The V10 Pro comes with numerous slots and ports on its sides, you’d have the TF card slot, Micro USB connection port, 3.5mm headphone jack, DC port, Micro HDMI port and a magnetic port for an external keyboard.


The V10 Pro has a large 10.1” 2K Retina display with a resolution of 2560*1600px that delivers a mesmerizing level of clarity, bringing the image alive. The tablet also houses a multifunctional fingerprint sensor just below the display situated in the home button. 

Powering the V10 Pro is the flagship ARM A72 processor and it is supported by the PowerVR GX6250 GPU for amazing gameplay. The OS, in particular, is the Phoenix OS that is used in desktop mode Android devices and is based on Android 6.0

The V10 Pro has an 8MP rear camera with 1080p recording and 2MP front camera that are pretty decent. A built-in 6600mAh battery working in tandem with the lower power consumption of the new age processor keeps this beast going for much longer.

This model has two versions one that integrates 4GB of RAM with 32GB of ROM and another that has 4GB of RAM with 64GB of ROM

Verdict on the Onda V10 Pro

The Onda V10 Pro is a premium device available in the low-budget range. It performs reasonably well and has specs that can compete with the Apple iPad. Could it be a worthy contender? Possible, since it delivers in areas that the iPad predominantly owns. 

The Onda V10 Pro is available on AliExpress at $149.99 for the 4GB/32GB and $168.74 for the 4GB/64GB.

How to choose the Best Cheap iPad Alternative?

Before you invest a couple hundred dollars on an iPad Alternative. There are some important factors that need to be considered. For example:


  • While the overall design doesn’t matter when investing in an alternative. There are some things you need to look out for. The first one is build quality. While your alternative won’t match the iPad’s beauty, it should be able to provide you with some peace of mind.
  • So, if it doesn’t come with a Gorilla Glass and a sturdy build, you should scroll away. The second factor is the screen. The screen should ideally come with a good resolution. While they screen size itself can vary. I’m not really fond of tablets that are below 10″.


  • Needless to say this is the most important factor you need to consider when buying your Cheap iPad Pro Alternative. The original device is a downright beast when it comes to performance. So, you can execute tasks like it’s nobody’s business. However, you will not get the same power with an alternative.
  • However, you can come close. Although Android tablets get a bad rap, they are worth it if they comes with a good processor and GPU. However, there are some hidden gems out there. So, check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the details.

Battery life

  • The battery life is one of the most important factors you need to consider when investing in an alternative. While it obviously depends on the type of work you’ll be executing on the alternative. I’ve found out that you’ll definitely need as much as juice as possible to use it this portable device efficiently.
  • As the original comes with around 10 hours of battery life, you should ideally invest in a device that can provide at least a battery life of 7-8 hours at a stretch.


  • Of course, you should look for an alternative with the most features. However, it’s also important to be practical. You won’t be able to replace the features of an iPad with an alternative. It’s simply won’t happen. For example, while you may get similar performance, you won’t find the same kind of art compatible tablet.
  • After all, the original does offer amazingly low latency and accuracy.


  • At the end of the day, an alternative is just that. If you spend more than or equal to the original price of the Apple iPad, then you might as well go for the original. Ideally, you should spend a maximum of $200 on your alternative. You get amazing tablets for even $135. Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the details.

How to choose the best tablet for you

The above factors might help you figure what you need from your tablet. It’s much better to keep the factors at the back of your mind than shooting in the dark. However, we do have some specific recommendations. For example:

You don’t need to spend north of $500 if you’re going to be using it to watch Tv shows and Movies. Those that strictly need a tablet for executing a task like graphic designing might benefit the most from it. If your needs are multimedia-based, then go for the Fire 10 Tablet.

How we test the Cheap iPad Alternatives

As mentioned earlier, we subject our tablets to various stress tests to determine the best. Our primary benchmark when it comes to tablets is actually more OS oriented. Of course, we measure the quality of the internal components and hardware as well.

Everything on the list has made it past the acceptable quality test. On average, you can expect these tablets to last about 3-4 years without any issues. We like most reviewers out there use the Geekbench 5 benchmark to test the performance and graphics.

As for the display, we use a colorimeter to measure the RGB’s and the average brightness. So, every tablet that’s made it onto the list is definitely one of the best when it comes to its display.

Last but not the least, is the battery test, we test the battery twice with video and audio till it turns off. Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the details.

What is equivalent to an iPad but cheaper?

There’s no doubt that the iPad is the most sought after tablet in the market, but when you have a budget that doesn’t meet that of an iPad you’d rather pick something else that works well within your budget. There are iPad alternatives out there that are amazing and are in the range of $80 – $280.

These are very functional alternatives and meet the need of every criterion, from general everyday tasks to having a full-fledged entertainment unit. You can get your hands on these for a fraction of the iPads cost. The best iPad alternatives would be Amazon Fire Tablet and Dragon Touch. Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the details.

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