7 Best Fake Apple Watch Bands 2021 | Inexpensive Options For All Apple Watches

Best Fake Apple Watch Bands

Looking for a cheap yet good looking Apple Watch Brand? Check out our list of the Best Fake Apple Watch Bands!

Apple products according to me are more than a style statement, it is a lifestyle. I know of people who swear by the brand and use nothing but Apple products. Well, they can afford to. But not everyone is so blessed. 

I use apple products too, I love the Apple watch, it is more than just a watch for me. I love the design, the functionality and especially the fitness tracking. I cannot do without it and it has almost become an extension of my journey towards fitness.

As with any product, using it regularly, I tend to wear out the band pretty often and I need to think about buying genuine Apple bands. I need to think as they are pricey. I wanted alternatives and I was stoked when I came across the best fake apple watch bands on AliExpress. 

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The choices are varied and the rates are a quarter or even lesser when compared to genuine Apple bands. The bands I have been using off AliExpress are of good quality and it works for me. I wanted to help like-minded people and decided to curate a list with the best fake apple watch bands.

These options are for everyone and include leather, steel, loop bands and also a few sweatproof ones which I totally vouch for. I have included options for both men and women but please note that as always picking an Apple watch band is all about size. The 44 or 42mm band will fit all Apple Watches of that size, and the same goes for 38 and 40mm bands.

Let’s explore some super cool fake Apple watch bands, shall we?

BrandTypeKey Features
Foloy foryoMetallic Stainless SteelBuild quality, Shades of metal suits formal wear
FWG StorePlasticFunctional, Comfortable
JollychicSiliconeSporty, Trendy, Colorful
MSSMNylon BraidedColors and Designs, Claspless
QichengonsiResinLatest transparent design, Innovation in connectors, Unique colors
BewiredStainless Steel Slim MetalWomen oriented design and colors, Ease of use, Strong and durable
Hellary strapSiliconeNew design and colors, breathable, Durable.

After having reviewing 100 Fake Apple Watch Bands based on various factors like design, colour, quality, materials, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 7 that really stood out. These 7 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best fake Apple Watch Band is Foloy Foryo. They have been making Apple Watch bands for almost a decade. Their bands range from leather to plastic. However, their metal collection of stainless steel bands are quite a rage. Most importantly, the Foloy Foryo bands come in all sizes.

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Best Fake Apple Watch Bands

Foloy Foryo

The Foloy foryo is a brand associated with accessories for Apple products for almost a decade. They make accessories that stand out and I love their service delivery on AliExpress. The time is taken to deliver and the packaging is commendable.

Their bands for Apple watches range from leather, elastic, and steel but the Metal collection of stainless steel bands are quite a rage. They are available in 42mm 38mm 40MM 44MM sizes to match the Apple watch you are currently using.

If you love a little bit of bling and love to dress your Apple watch formally, you ought to check this collection out on AliExpress. The metallic shades come in many colors as shown in the image and are priced between US $4.70 – 9.40. 

The reviews are great and these bands are the most sold on the website to date. The metallic bling is not my style but I wanted one in my collection and I do not regret it. It works wonders when I dress formally. The band is not heavy and looks uber cool.

I did hear a few complaints from my friends who said the links broke when they tried shortening it to suit their size it and some had paint missing. I didn’t have any such issue but do check it out when you get your order delivered. 

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FWG Store

Another brand that is known for its Apple accessories is the FWG Store. They have been manufacturing best-sellers across the Apple bandwagon but they specialize in Apple watch bands. The ones I have bought and am using are some of the best fake Apple Watch bands ever. 

The quality is unmatched and the range is tough to choose from. Their newest Clear Band + case for Apple Watch Series 6 SE 5 4 is available in sizes 44mm 42mm and Transparent for iWatch 3 2 1 in sizes 38mm 40mm. 

The plastic strap is unique to look at if that’s your style. You should definitely go for it as I did. Check out their collection on AliExpress. It is priced at US $2.80 and you get added discount if you buy two.

It is available in two stripes/lines to match your style, the ordinary and the INS collection. I liked both and have bought one of them. Also available in multiple colors the FWG Apple watch bands are super comfortable to wear as they are soft on the wrists.

I love the functionality aspect as I use it for my workouts and I have had no problems whatsoever. The only complaints I have seen across reviews are with the size and the packaging. If you face any such issues, contact the company immediately. 


The Jollychic Watches store has been in the business of making Apple watch bands and their products are known for the ease of installation and removal. They also make watch cases that are best sellers. But what I am here to showcase are their watch bands. 

They cater to everyone’s tastes and have a leather loop, solo loop, and braided loops for you to choose from. The solo is made from soft silicone, the leather comes in unique shades with a magnetic steel buckle for those formal meetings. 

But what I dig the most is their latest sport band for Apple Watch bands made of silicone and is transparent but in different colors. These bands truly pop and you will be noticed for sure. I mean check out those colors. If you like it already head to AliExpress and check the entire collection out now!

Extremely trendy and cool, you can wear it to the beach or the party this weekend.  I have ordered two new colors to add to my collection. I did hear a few friends complain about the band getting dirty but I guess it depends on what color you choose. Make a wise choice.


When it comes to Apple watches, one of my favorite types of band is the braided nylon ones which are claspless and super comfy to wear. The colors are chic and I love the feel on the wrists. The brand MSSM makes these in more than 35 colors and patterns as of now and I cannot stop raving about it.

You can check out the range in the picture above, but trust me, they have a lot more. You will get lost choosing the one for you. I picked up a few to give as gifts as I couldn’t believe they are selling such a quality product between US $0.94 – 1.85 right now. You ought to check out their offers on AliExpress today if you want to get lucky like me.

The loop is woven with nylon and is really strong. These Apple watch bands are stretchable and can fit any wrist size. No unnecessary removing and fixing of links. I love this feature. They have bands that fit different Apple watch sizes, make sure you order the right one.

The only complaints I have heard about these straps are the size variations. A few who ordered the small ones have written bout being sent bigger ones that dangle on their wrists.


The brand, Qichengonsi has been in the business of making Apple watch bands that is a cut above the rest. Their collection of brands includes gold-plated, ornamental, leather, nylon, and plastic ones too.

Here, I wanted to showcase the latest in their collection. A pure transparent style band made of resin. It is available in a textured as well as a normal style. The collection is called Ice Cube straps and the connectors are made of stainless steel for added safety and protection. The strap is totally transparent and it changes the whole vibe. I like to pair it with my transparent glasses and everyone loves the look.

It is also available in multiple colors like light pink, purple, yellow, blue, transparent, and pink. Which one do you fancy? Head to AliExpress and order yours today!

I feel this is one of the best fake Apple watch bands made to date. Innovation and design are something that stood out for me. They have exceptional sales to prove this as well. 

Please check which models and sizes these bands are applicable to before purchasing to avoid any issues. The colors may vary a little bit as compared to the images. Do make a note of that too.


The Bewired brand has made a mark in the Apple watch band segment with its styling. They have collections like the ethnic style, slim metal, stainless steel and classic metal. Each one of these is unique and collectible. 

I personally love the slim metal bands they manufacture. It is so delicate and light that most women would prefer this type to adorn their Apple watch. I have gifted a few to my female colleagues and they loved it. 

It is all about taste, these bands can be worn by men too. The different shades of metal are eye-catching and you can pick your favourite. Most of the colour schemes lean towards women and that’s a nice thing. 

The band is easy to insert and remove making it an ideal band for women. The styling is exquisite and the bands are made from anti-static eco-friendly metal.

It is compatible with iWatch Series SE 6/5/4/3/2/1 and is available in seven colors in sizes 38mm(40mm)/42mm(44mm). 

Hellary strap

Solo Loop strap by Hellary strap is one of the coolest if not the best fake Apple Watch bands you can buy in the market. The breathable elastic band is very comfortable to wear and if you are someone who sweats a lot, this band is the right one for you.

The color combinations are a selling point and boast unique combinations like – black-green, black-grey, red-black, blue-white, black-coal black, black-red, pink-white, white-black, and many others. You need to check it out to believe how amazing these bands look in real life.

I have used 3 combinations so far and I have absolutely no complaints. I got what I paid for and so will you. No false promises or changes in color. A few of my friends did complain about the size is way too big so you might want to order one size smaller than usual.

Best Fake Apple Watch Bands – Takeaway

As I mentioned, Apple is a brand that becomes a lifestyle with time. With the Apple watch, the bands are the only way you can show a bit of your personal style. I am sure you all have a collection or will have one soon from the list above.

I hope you like the curation and effort I have put together for you. Do feel free to leave a comment if you want me to cover a particular product in the future. Till next time. Take care and stay safe.

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