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The 8 Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing | Our Favorite Bands for Surfing in 2022

Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing

Are you someone who surfs a lot? Choose a band from our list of the best Apple Watch bands for surfing to surf stress-free.

Apple Watch is every athlete’s perfect companion for tracking. The watch measures heart rate, distance traveled, steps moves, and more to provide a comprehensive data set for your activities.

Surfing is an activity where Apple Watch’s capabilities shine, thanks to accurate tracking. But there’s this fear that your Apple Watch might fall off or the band might not be suited for surfing.

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This article will help you choose a band for your Apple Watch that is suited best for surfing. Read on to know more about the best Apple Watch bands for surfing.

Best Apple Watch Bands for SurfingFeatures
Adepoy Silicone Sport WristbandDurable and soft silicone band with clasp
Dual-tone finish
Excellent build quality
OYODSS 5 Pack Silicone Sport StrapsIncredible value for money
Simple design with pin and tuck closure
Soft and lightweight design
OriBear Apple Watch BandExcellent design with floral pattern
Pin and tuck method for comfortable wearing
Value for money and a 12-month warranty
Haveda Silicone Sport StrapHigh-quality TPU material for durability
Clean design with a buckle clasp for a good fit
Lightweight, soft, and comfortable to wear
Apple Watch Sport BandThe most premium silicone band out there
Soft, light, and extremely comfortable
Pin and tuck closure for a secure fit
Carterjett Silicone Tire Tread StrapUnique tire tread-like design
Excellent durability and flexibility
Buckle clasp closure for a secure fit
Lerobo 3 Pack Silicone Breathable BandPack of 3 bands offers excellent value for moneyBreathable and study bandsCool dual-tone design
Huishang Silicone Sport BandFloral patterns with unique designs
High-quality TPU used for durability and comfort
Buckle clasp for the most secure fit

Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing

How did we choose the Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing

Choosing the best Apple Watch bands for surfing is not a hard task. The bands have to tick a few boxes that make them the perfect choice to wear when surfing.

The best bands for surfing have to be waterproof, offer comfort, and attach firmly to the user’s wrist. These are to ensure that you can wear them for long hours without the need to be anxious about your Watch falling off.

And so, the below list with the best Apple Watch bands for surfing features silicone bands that are comfortable and sturdy to wear.

Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing

Adepoy Silicone Sport Wristband

best Apple Watch bands for surfing

The Adepoy Silicone Sport Band is perfect for surfing sessions. This soft silicone band is durable, comfortable, and lightweight making it a great companion when surfing. Since silicone is waterproof, you won’t have to worry about the band getting damaged.

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The band features a dual-tone color scheme that matches the clasp color with the strap for an elegant look. You can choose the band from 19 vibrant colors. You can choose between two different sizes that will fit all Apple Watch models and sizes.

For under $10, this is a great deal that doesn’t compromise on build quality or looks. It is easily one of the best Apple Watch bands for surfing.


  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Lightweight, flexible and comfortable


  • None for the price

OYODSS 5 Pack Silicone Sport Straps

If you are someone that fancies quantity over quality, then this might be the perfect choice for you. The OYODSS 5 Pack Silicone Sport Straps give you a pack of 5 silicone bands that are waterproof making them good for surfing.

OYODSS 5 Pack Silicone Sport Straps

They are made from soft and durable silicone material that won’t cause any skin irritation. The band features a pin and tuck method to secure it in place. While this may not be as secure as a clasp, it won’t fall off when surfing.

This pack of bands can be chosen in different sizes to fit any Apple Watch model. You can also choose from 7 different color packs. Overall, these are some excellent bands that offer tons of value for your money.


  • Pack of 5 bands
  • Clean design


  • Not the highest quality

OriBear Apple Watch Band

Looking for a band that will make you stand out in the crowd? Then the OriBear Apple Watch band might be what you are looking for. This patterned silicone band features elegant floral prints that will look good no matter where you are, even when surfing.

OriBear Apple Watch Band

The soft silicone band is all you need to keep your Apple Watch securely attached around your wrists no matter what you are doing. This comfortable and lightweight band uses the pin-and-tuck method of fastening, making it good enough for surfing or any other extreme water activity.

You can choose the band for any Apple Watch model or size. It comes in 9 colorful variants with some awesome prints. You also get a 12-month warranty making it a safe purchase.


  • Floral pattern design
  • Pin and tuck closure for a secure fit


  • Nothing for the price

Haveda Silicone Sport Strap

If you want a premium Apple Watch band for surfing but don’t want to pay a lot of money then Haveda has you covered. Their Silicone Sport Strap is a waterproof band for Apple Watch that is made from high-quality TPU material.

Haveda Silicone Sport Strap

This flexible and durable silicone band is excellent for long hours of surfing as it is lightweight, breathable, and irritation-free.

The band uses a traditional buckle to attach around your wrists, this will make sure that your Watch never leaves your wrist. The band is highly adjustable allowing users with large or small wrists to fit easily.

You can choose the band from different sizes to fit your Apple Watch model and size. The band comes in 8 fun colors making it a great choice for wearing whether you are out or not.


  • High-quality durable silicone band
  • Buckle clasp closure


  • Boring design

Apple Watch Sport Band

If money’s no object and you want the best in terms of quality, then look no further than Apple’s in-house Sport Band. This premium fluoroelastomer band is durable, flexible, and soft making it one of the best Apple Watch bands for surfing.

Apple Watch Sport Band

This is easily one of the most comfortable and lightweight bands you can get for your Apple Watch. It features a pin and tuck design which ensures a clean and safe fit.

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You can choose it for Apple Watches of any size/model. There are 6 color options for you to choose from. Apple Watch Sport Band may cost quite a bit, but for that price, you are getting one of the best bands for any occasion.


  • Premium high-quality band
  • Looks and feels good


  • Expensive

Carterjett Tire Tread Strap

The Caterjett Tire Tread Strap features a unique design that resembles the treading on a tire, hence the name. This Apple Watch band is perfect for surfing, thanks to its silicone strap and buckle clasp fastener.

Carterjett Tire Tread Strap

The band is designed to be extra sturdy and is aimed at people with athletic lifestyles. The band is also surprisingly lightweight and flexible making it comfortable to wear for long hours.

You can choose the band in different sizes and colors to fit and match your Apple Watch. Overall, the band is a great option for surfing thanks to the waterproof silicone design.


  • Unique tire tread design
  • Breathable, lightweight, and flexible band


  • Expensive

Lerobo 3 Pack Silicone Breathable Band

Another value-for-money option when it comes to the best Apple Watch bands for surfing is the Lerobo 3 Pack Silicone Breathable Band. This silicone band is made from high-quality silicone which is skin-friendly, lightweight, and flexible.

Lerobo 3 Pack Silicone Breathable Ban

The band features air holes that make it a good choice for extreme activities like surfing. It is easy to install and use thanks to the lugs and buckle clasp.

The band is stylish, athletic, and elegant depending on the color you choose. It comes in 9 color options and has sizes that can fit all Apple Watch models. For under $13, the Lerobo 3 Pack Silicone Breathable Band is one of the best choices for surfing.


  • Breathable and lightweight band
  • Affordable pack of 3


  • Some colors don’t blend well

Huishang Silicone Sport Band

The Huishang Silicone Sport Band is impressive as it serves two purposes. It is an Apple Watch band and a case. It protects the sides and the screen of your Apple Watch. The soft silicone band makes it great for surfing and other activities.

Huishang Silicone Sport Band

The band is comfortable and flexible while being robust and durable too. It features unique and expressive floral patterns that are sure to turn heads your way. Thanks to TPU material and advanced printing techniques the patterns won’t fade away.

The band comes in 15 unique colors and patterns. It will also fit all Apple Watch models and sizes if chosen correctly. All of this makes it one of the best Apple Watch bands for surfing.


  • High-quality TPU material
  • Cool patterned design


  • Water bubbles may form inside the case

Which Apple Watch Strap Material Is the Best for Surfing?

There are five popular Apple Watch Band materials, Silicone, Nylon, Fluoroelastomer, Leather, and Stainless Steel. In this section, we will explain how good or bad each material is when it comes to Surfing.

Are Nylon Apple Watch Bands good for Surfing?

Nylon is a popular Apple Watch Band material because it is relatively affordable while being comfortable for all-day use as well. Since Nylon is waterproof, it is suitable for water activities like swimming, surfing, and more. 

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Nylon bands are also breathable which makes them easy and comfortable to wear for long hours. It won’t get irritating. I have a set of nylon bands that I use for my Apple Watch and I have no complaints. They are lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable, everything you will need.

Are Silicone Apple Watch Bands good For Surfing?

Silicone bands are easily the best when it comes to physical activities like swimming, running, exercising, surfing, and more. These are completely waterproof which makes them safe to use. Another advantage of Silicone bands is that they are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. 

I love silicone bands and they are my favorite for daily use. Silicone bands look simple and elegant as well, so I just love them the most. The best is that they are suitable for any situation, which is awesome. Silicone bands are the best type of Apple Watch bands for surfing. 

Oh also, silicone bands are the most affordable type of band which is a huge plus in my opinion. 

Are Fluoroelastomer Apple Watch Bands good For Surfing?

Fluoroelastomer is similar to silicone as it is a synthetic material that feels like rubber. This makes it completely water resistant too which is exactly what you need for surfing and other water activities. 

I like fluoroelastomer bands but they tend to be more expensive than silicone bands which is why I prefer the latter more. But for what it’s worth, fluoroelastomer bands are more durable than silicone bands which makes sense as to why they cost more.

Are Leather Apple Watch Bands good For Surfing?

Nope, they are not. Leather bands are popular and have a classy look but using them for surfing is a bad idea. Leather is not water-resistant and they act differently with water. 

Leather bands tend to get stiff once they dry after being in the water. This makes it uncomfortable and hard to wear. Since leather is an organic material, it can start rotting when soaked in water giving out a foul smell. 

While I own leather bands and love wearing them for special occasions, I never use them for any kind of physical activity or even on hot days as sweat is enough to ruin them. 

Are Stainless Steel Watch Bands good For Surfing?

The best-looking Apple Watch Bands are made out of stainless steel. These are durable, stylish, and elegant. I love wearing them for formal occasions as they look stunning. 

While stainless steel is durable and water-resistant, I would not recommend using them for surfing. The reason is weight and comfort. 

Stainless steel Apple Watch bands are comfortable to wear when you are not moving around much, but for physical activities, the weight and the chain-like design just don’t make sense. 

Surfing is an extremely physical and tiring activity, the added pressure and the loose nature of stainless steel bands are not good. You will also lose valuable data as tracking will be a miss. While I love stainless steel bands, I don’t recommend them for surfing.

Where Can I Buy Good Apple Watch Bands?

There are many trusted places where I purchase Apple Watch bands from. But my favorite has to be Amazon and Apple themselves as both of them offer good bands and excellent after-sale support. Here are the best places to buy Apple Watch bands from,


Apple Store


Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing – FAQs

Can you wear an Apple Watch while surfing?

Apple Watches are waterproof and durable so you can wear them when surfing too. But you need to keep one thing in mind and that is using an appropriate band for surfing. Not all bands can withstand the pressure or are waterproof. So make sure to choose one from our list of best Apple Watch bands for surfing.

What type of band is best for surfing?

There are Apple Watch bands produced from multiple materials like silicone, Nylon, cloth, metal, and more. But not all of these are good for surfing. Silicone bands are perfect for surfing as they are waterproof, comfortable to wear, and lightweight. While nylon and metal bands are water-resistant, they are not dust resistant and not great for comfort too.

Can you surf with an Apple Watch leather band?

Yes, you can but it is not recommended as leather doesn’t react well with water. Leather bands get stiff and start to rot after prolonged use in water. 

Can I wear Apple Watch while surfing?

Yes, you can wear an Apple Watch while surfing as it is completely waterproof. Apple Watches are IP68 rated so you can use them for surfing, but I wouldn’t recommend them for diving. 

Are Apple Watch straps waterproof?

Apple Watch bands that are made from Silicone, Nylon, Fluoroelastomer, and Stainless steel are waterproof. 

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