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The 7 Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming in 2022

Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming

Want an Apple Watch strap that will allow you to concentrate on swimming for lengthy periods? Our list of the Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming is just what you need.

The Apple Watch is a fantastic fitness device, and it’s especially useful for swimming because it can track and monitor vitals like oxygen levels and heart rate.

However, you’ll need to acquire straps that are designed for swimming and sports if you want the Apple Watch to fit securely when you swim. This post will show you the best Apple Watch strap for swimming so you can pick one to use on your next swim.

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Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming

Check our video guide on Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming.

How did we choose the best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming

Any type of silicone or nylon band is a great choice for Apple Watch bands that may be worn while swimming. Silicone is waterproof while Nylon is water-resistant making excellent Apple Watch bands for swimming.

Silicone or nylon Apple Watch bands are easy to come by, relatively inexpensive, and capable of withstanding a great deal of pressure and tension while swimming. These bands are also comfortable and lightweight.

If you want to wear your Apple Watch while swimming, it’s a no-brainer to go out and get silicone or a nylon Apple Watch band in a range of styles. We have chosen the best Apple Watch strap for swimming based on these factors.

Features Table

Best Apple watch Strap for Swimming


Laffav Slim Sport Band

Prevents skin from irritation

Sweat-resistant, Dirt-proof, and Water-resistant

Lightweight and gives you the best wearing experience

iWabcertoo Soft Silicone Band

Flexible, waterproof, dirt-proof,

Durable yet smooth and comfortable

Brings you the best wearing experience

SVISVIPA Silicone Sports Band

Durable yet lightweight

Comfortable & anti-irritation for wrists

Breathable makes it great for swimming

Enjiner Nylon Solo Loop Band

Soft, lightweight, and durable

Breathable, allowing sweat to escape

Dries fast and easy to clean

JuQBanke Nylon Weave Band

Skin-friendly, allowing sweat to escape

Dries fast and easy to clean

making you feel comfortable

Acrbiutu Soft Silicone Band

Prevent skin from irritation rash

Soft, flexible, lightweight

Durable, sweat-resistant, and Waterproof

Vancle 8 pack Silicone Bands

Sweat-resistant and waterproof band

Durable and lightweight

Prevents skin irritation and offers a comfortable wearing experience

Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming

Laffav Slim Sport Band

Laffav Slim Sport Bands are designed for durability. They are one of the best waterproof Apple Watch band.

It’s comparable to the original Apple Sport Band. The buckle is made of hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel and the band is made of durable, soft silicone which prevents inflammation of the skin.

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It is sweat-repellent, dirt-repellent, and water-repellent. It’s light and gives you the best wearing experience possible.

Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming

There are 13 popular colors and two sizes for women and men to choose from. It is designed to meet the needs of business, sports, and leisurewear. Dress up your iWatch to show off your style.

This band’s tiny width (only 14mm) makes it exceptionally light and breathable. The clasp and notch on the ring keep your Apple Watch in place all day, making it more secure during workouts.

The watch lugs on both ends of the Laffav Skinny Watch Band accurately and securely locks onto the watchband Interface. Installation is simple, and removal is as simple as pressing a single button.


  • Streamline and safety design
  • Security and easy to install


  • Boring Design

iWabcertoo Soft Silicone Band

This is a classic set of 4 sport silicone bands that is compatible with all Apple Watch. The strap is made from high-quality elastomer that won’t irritate your skin. It’s soft, light making it extremely comfortable to wear for long hours.

best apple watch band for swimming

The multi-pore construction makes it a breathable Apple Watch band. The straps are flexible, waterproof, dirt-proof, sturdy, and smooth, providing you with the best wearing experience possible. It’s made specifically for use in gyms, picnics, swimming pools, rock climbing, hiking, camping, and travel.

This colorful sports band allows you to customize your Apple iWatch to match your mood and wardrobe in everyday life, as well as dress up your Apple iWatch to show off your distinctive style. It’s the ideal gift for your parents, friends, and children for any special occasion.


  • Ideal Accessory for sport
  • Flexibility of usage


  • Build quality

SVISVIPA Silicone Sports Band

All Apple Watches are compatible with SVISVIPA Silicone Sports Band. It’s a comfortable, breathable replacement strap that’s appropriate for both men and women. This watch strap is made of soft, smooth silicone that is both sturdy and light.

best apple watch straps

It has a pleasant feel to it, allowing your wrists to move freely. Wrists of all sizes can be accommodated. This watch band has watch Lugs on both ends that lock precisely and securely into the watch band interface. Installation is straightforward, and removal is as simple as pressing a single button.

With tons of colors to choose from and full compatibility, this is easily one of the best Apple Watch strap for swimming.


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Not a compact design

Enjiner Nylon Solo Loop Band

With no buckles or clasps, this single-layer elastic band is designed for maximum comfort. It has a unique, flexible design that is easy to slip on and off your wrist. It’s available in a plethora of hues.

Enjiner Nylon Solo Loop Band

ENJINER bands are constructed of woven polyester that is hundred percent stretchy, preventing skin irritation and redness. It’s made with a soft, ultra-comfortable design in mind. It’s light, breathable, and long-lasting. Allows sweat to flow, dries quickly, and is simple to clean.

ENJINER stretchy elastic solo loop strap replacement wristband is a great birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or holiday present for family and friends. It’s appropriate for both men and women. They can be accompanied by sweet daily gifts.


  • Ultra comfort design
  • Lightweight


  • Boring design

JuQBanke Nylon Weave Band

Both straps have a sturdy hook-and-loop fastening that is double-reinforced to keep your smartwatch from falling and to faithfully preserve your property. For quick and easy adjustment, it has a robust hook-and-loop fastener.

JuQBanke Nylon Weave Band

The skin-friendly double-layer weave strap allows sweat to escape, dries quickly, and is easy to clean, making you feel comfortable and breathable.

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For birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, or holidays, the Sports nylon replacement bracelet is a great gift for family and friends. Every day, they can be accompanied by sweet gifts.


  • Variety of colors available
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Expensive compared to others

Acrbiutu Soft Silicone Band

The bands come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Various colors allow you to customize your Watch and match it to your mood and dress in everyday life. Dress up your Watch to show off your style, which is ideal for girls.

Acrbiutu Soft Silicone Band

Breathable perforations make adjusting the length easier, making it a fantastic choice for everyday wear and workout. High-quality elastomer replacement bands reduce skin irritation and redness. It’s soft, flexible, light, and durable, as well as sweat-resistant, dirt-proof, and water-resistant. It is quite pleasant to wear.

Women and men can choose from a variety of trendy hues. Boys, girls, men, women, and children will all love it. Makes you stand out from the crowd and may be worn for every occasion, outfit, or mood in your daily life. Ideal for running, swimming, riding, working out, parties, climbing, hiking, camping, traveling, and other outdoor activities.


  • Premium material
  • Suitable for multiple occasions


  • Not very comfortable

Vancle 8 pack Silicone Bands

Do you prioritize cost-effectiveness over quality? If you’re a frugal person like myself, the 8 Pack Silicone Sport Strap will be a welcome addition to your collection. If you’re not a hardcore swimmer, a set of simple silicone bands makes sense.

Vancle 8 pack Silicone Bands

You may assume that the quality must be poor for them to provide such a good deal, but this is not the case; they are quite good swimming bands. The value they provide is what places them on our list of the top Apple Watch bands for swimming.

To personalize Apple iWatch for Women and Men, there is a selection of popular colors apple watch bands with the same color buckle. Vary the color of your apple watch bands and your mood will change.

The soft bands are constructed of silicone material, which is sweat-resistant, waterproof, and lightweight, preventing skin irritation and providing a more comfortable wearing experience.


  • Pack of 8
  • Simple minimalistic design


  • Not the best quality

Which Apple Watch Strap Material Is Ideal for Swimming?

There are five popular Apple Watch Band materials, Silicone, Nylon, Fluoroelastomer, Leather, and Stainless Steel. In this section, we will explain how good or bad each material is when it comes to Swimming. Knowing this will allow you to choose the best Apple Watch strap for swimming.

Are Nylon Apple Watch Bands good for Swimming?

Nylon is a popular Apple Watch Band material because it is relatively affordable while being comfortable for all-day use as well. Since Nylon is waterproof, it is suitable for water activities like swimming, surfing, and more. 

Nylon bands are also breathable which makes them easy and comfortable to wear for long hours. It won’t get irritating. I have a set of nylon bands that I use for my Apple Watch and I have no complaints. They are lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable, everything you will need.

Are Silicone Apple Watch Bands ideal For Swimming?

Silicone bands are easily the best when it comes to physical activities like swimming, running, exercise, and more. These are completely waterproof which makes them safe to use. Another advantage of Silicone bands is that they are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. 

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I love silicone bands and they are my favorite for daily use. Silicone bands look simple and elegant as well, so I just love them the most. The best is that they are suitable for any situation, which is awesome. Silicone bands are the best type of Apple Watch bands for swimming. 

Oh also, silicone bands are the most affordable type of band which is a huge plus in my opinion. 

Are Fluoroelastomer Apple Watch Bands ideal For Swimming?

Fluoroelastomer is similar to silicone as it is a synthetic material that feels like rubber. This makes it completely water-resistant too which is exactly what you need for swimming and other water activities. 

I like fluoroelastomer bands but they tend to be more expensive than silicone bands which is why I prefer the latter more. But for what it’s worth, fluoroelastomer bands are more durable than silicone bands which makes sense as to why they cost more.

Are Leather Apple Watch Bands ideal For Swimming?

Nope, they are not. Leather bands are popular and have a classy look but using them for swimming is a bad idea. Leather is not water-resistant and they act differently with water. 

Leather bands tend to get stiff once they dry after being in the water. This makes it uncomfortable and hard to wear. Since leather is an organic material, it can start rotting when soaked in water giving out a foul smell. 

While I own leather bands and love wearing them for special occasions, I never use them for any kind of physical activities or even on hot days as sweat is enough to ruin them. 

Are Stainless Steel Watch Bands Ideal For Swimming?

The best-looking Apple Watch Bands are made out of stainless steel. These are durable, stylish, and elegant. I love wearing them for formal occasions as they look stunning. 

While stainless steel is durable and water-resistant, I would not recommend using them for swimming. The reason is weight and comfort. 

Stainless steel Apple Watch bands are comfortable to wear when you are not moving around much, but for physical activities, the weight and the chain-like design just don’t make sense. 

Swimming is an extremely physical and tiring activity, the added pressure and loose nature of stainless steel bands are not good. You will also lose valuable data as tracking will be a miss. While I love stainless steel bands, I don’t recommend them for swimming.

If you are still unable to choose the best Apple Watch strap for swimming, then check our list above.

Where Can I Buy The Good Apple Watch Bands?

There are many trusted places where I purchase Apple Watch bands from. But my favorite has to be Amazon and Apple themselves as both of them offer good bands and excellent after-sale support. Here are the best places to buy Apple Watch bands from,


Apple Store


Best Apple Watch Strap for Swimming – FAQs

Which Apple Watch band is the most relaxing?

Silicone bands are the most comfortable Apple Watch bands because they’re soft, smooth, and lightweight. Nylon bands are also comfortable to wear for long periods, but silicone bands are the most comfortable.

What is the best type of Apple Watch band for swimming?

When it comes to swimming, you’ll need a band that can withstand sweat and is comfortable to wear for long hours. Silicone bands are ideal for this because they are waterproof, soft, and light.
Nylon bands are similarly fantastic for swimming because they are water-resistant, lightweight, and comfy, but they also have a nicer appearance than silicone bands. Nylon bands are also suitable for a variety of events, but silicone is only suitable for casual scenarios.

Can you swim with Apple Watch leather band?

Yes, you can but it is not recommended as leather doesn’t react well with water. Leather bands get stiff and start to rot after prolonged use in water. If you want the best Apple Watch strap for swimming, then check out our article.

Can I wear Apple Watch while swimming?

Yes, you can wear an Apple Watch while swimming as it is completely waterproof. Apple Watches are IP68 rated so you can use them for swimming, but I wouldn’t recommend them for diving. 

Are Apple Watch straps waterproof?

Apple Watch bands that are made from Silicone, Nylon, Fluoroelastomer, and Stainless steel are waterproof. Check out our list of the best Apple Watch strap for swimming as they are all waterproof.

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