Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6

The most popular smartwatch in the market at the moment is the Apple Watch 5. The success of this brilliant device can be attributed to the premium feel, user experience, water-resistance and amazing features like the built-in ECG (Electrocardiogram). And the successor to this beauty is almost here. Check out the Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6 for all the details.

The Apple Watch Series 5 has really managed to take it one step further by introducing the always-on display along with a built-in compass. And credible sources say that the next edition is going to one of Apple’s best product.

Thanks to a few leaks and rumors from credible online sources we are aware that there will be a new model in the Apple Watch Collection that will be launched this year. It’s one of Apple’s most awaited gadget 2020 along with the iPhone 12.

And we’ve taken the liberty to highlight what we know so far about the much-awaited Apple Watch Series 6, hardware and software leaks, speculated price, launch date and more. Read on to find out the credible Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6.

Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6

Release Date

Due to the Pandemic, Apple is yet to confirm the schedule for the launches of their products this fall. What we know so far is that the new Apple Watch will arrive in September based on their launch patterns over the past couple of years. 

As per their launch style, the Apple Watch typically gets launched on the same day as the new iPhones. According to Jon Prosser an avid Apple Leaker with multiple sources in Apple, it is apparent that this year we will see a staggered release of Apples’ new products:

iPhone 12 Release Dates

Pre-orders: October 12

Shipping Orders: October 19

iPhone 12 Pro

No exact date but expected to be in November 2020

Latest Apple Watch

Launch Date: September 7th

Latest iPad

Launch Date: September 7th

Now we have to take into account the dates mentioned are still tentative. Apple CFO, Luca Maestru had previously confirmed that there will be a 2-week delay in the release of the iPhone 12. We can only speculate that the launch would happen anywhere between September 7th and October 19th.


The Apple Watch Series 6 is most probably going to end up looking like it’s predecessor the Apple Watch Series 5. Rumors online indicate that there may not be major structural changes to the Apple Watch Series 6’s design and would pretty much carry the same build as the Series 5.

What can we look forward to? That still remains a mystery, but possible outcomes may include new color options, new finishes and multiple casing options. 

Latest rumours to surface online have revealed that the Series 6 may use the same screen technology and design as the Series 5 and Series 4 (as confirmed by Jon Prosser) and we may not see a change in terms of updated screen technology. Apart from the design of the Series 6, Apple might just use their latest S6 chip to power the beast. 

What will Apple Watch Series 6 have?

Health Features

At WWDC 2020, Apple confirmed there will be a new OS for the Watch Series, the WatchOS 7. This software update will be made available to all Apple Watches after Series 3. Some notable updates to the Health features in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 are:

  • Sleep App – Apple has worked on their sleep tracker and have taken it one step further by adding a Sleep Schedule. This enables you to create a schedule and bedtime routine so your sleep goals can be met and tracked.
  • New Workout Features – With the Apple Watch Series 6 and OS7, you’d be able to accurately track fitness metrics for Functional Strength Training, Core Training, Post-Workout Cooldown and Dance routines.
  • Cycling – Earlier, we were able to receive notifications on the Apple Watch giving us directions and the distance left for the next turn. With the Apple Watch Series 6 you will receive updated maps with elevation changes, bike lanes and busy roads for cyclists. The user will also be able to search for cafes and bike shops along their route using this feature.
  • Handwashing – With the OS7, Apple Watch will automatically detect when you begin washing your hands and will send notifications so you carry on for the prescribed amount of time as recommended by Global Health Organisations.
  • Hearing Health – With the last update WatchOS 6, Apple introduced the Noise App. Now, in 2020 as we draw near to the release of the Watch Series 6 that will hopefully run on WatchOS 7, Apple has improved their Noise App by providing their users with more control over the level of what they hear in order to protect their hearing.
  • SPO2 – One of the most sought after features will finally come to this year’s Apple Watch Software update. Based on leaks, it is indicated that Apple would bring this feature to the Apple Watch this year. SPO2 is a method wherein the person wearing the watch can scan their Blood Oxygen Saturation real-time. We’re hoping this feature comes with a threshold notifier as it would be best to receive notifications if the blood oxygen drops below a specific threshold.
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram) – The Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 currently have ECG capabilities but their results are still pretty shabby and inconclusive. Apple is currently working on developing an improved version of ECG that would be included in the Watch Series 6 this year. This may come in the form of a future hardware/software upgrade to the Apple Watch Series.

Currently, it’s still unclear whether these new Health features would be added in the Apple Watch Series 6 or if it would be an overall software update that would have these updates brought to the Series 4 and 5 also. Right now, we’d have to wait to be certain. 

Major Software Update

While unveiling the WatchOS 7 at WWDC 2020, Apple failed to highlight some key updates coming to the WatchOS 7 that would be beneficial to the Apple Watch Series 6, these are:

  • Battery Health Management – Similar to the iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 6 would include a Battery Health Manager that is designed to check Battery Health data. This is done by measuring the capacity of the battery relative to when it was first purchased. In the iPhone, the Battery health Manager reduces the overall performance of the iPhone to match the battery level by shutting down background applications to sustain battery life. However, we’re still not sure if the same method of functionality would be enabled in the Apple Watch Series 6 or the WatchOS 7.
  • Optimized Battery Charging – Currently available for AirPods with iOS14, Optimized Battery Charging will be a new feature added to the list of upcoming rumors behind the Apple Watch Series 6 and WatchOS 7. 
  • Announce Messages with Siri – With WatchOS 7, users will be able to listen to and respond to incoming text messages via their AirPods using voice commands. When you receive a new message Siri will read the message and based on whether you wish to respond or not you can either reply with your response or ignore Siri’s notification to move on.

Will the Apple Watch Series 6 come preloaded with WatchOS 7?

While we heard numerous rumors about the new software updates to the Apple WatchOS and the official unveiling of the WatchOS 7 at WWDC 2020 this year was the icing on the cake we needed. The much anticipated WatchOS software update would bring around loads of new features including Health, Fitness, User Interface and Sleep Tracking to the Apple Watch Series. 

Apple confirmed that the new WatchOS 7 would be compatible with the Series 4 and 5, this is good news to those who currently own Series 4 and 5. WatchOS 7 would be the end to Force Touch on the Apple Watch, Knowing this, it is safe to say that while knowing that Force Touch will be removed thus leaving more space for a larger battery. 

The larger battery would be beneficial to the user and would be a plus point for those trying to track their sleep cycles properly.

We’re  going out on a limb here, but based on historical events hosted by Apple and their yearly schedule for launches it’s safe to say that the Apple Watch Series 6 would be leaunched with WatchOS 7 pre-installed.

Is it a good idea to purchase an Apple Watch Series 5 or wait till the Series 6 is launched?

This seems to be the most pondered question, “Do I buy the Current Generation Apple Watch or wait till the Next Generation Apple Watch is out?”. 

Considering the launch for the Apple Watch Series 6 is due in 2 weeks it would be a good idea to wait till the launch dateas we’re still not 100% certain what design changes have been implemented. 

Moreover, the launch of the Watch Series 6 may indicate a drop in the prices for the Series 5 and older models. So yes, the answer would be to wait and see what changes have been made and decide based on the launch price and specifications of the Series 6. Check out the Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6 for all the details.

What would be the cost of the Apple Watch Series 6?

Since the price of the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 were listed at $399 each when launched, we see no reason why the Series 6 should not fall in the same bracket. We’re anticipating a price range of $399-$450 for the Series 6 and prices would definitely fluctuate depending on the strap you select or any of the available designer options. Check out the Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6 for all the details.


With everyone ecstatically waiting for the release that’s around the corner, we expect to see the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 take place virtually. We haven’t gotten our hopes up with the rumours floating around just yet, in fact, we’re eagerly waiting for more leaks and rumours to the surface so we can put two and two together and speculate until the launch date.

Will the new Apple Watch be round?

According to credible leaks and rumours, the Apple Watch 6 is expected to have the same design scheme as it’s predecessors, the square-shaped face with rounded of edges.

However, while is the most probable outcome, it was rumoured that Apple had filed a patent for a round watch face. Honestly, this would have been a refreshing and much classier choice. Well, it’s all up in the air at this point. Check out our comprehensive article Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6

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