How to Use Truecaller on iPhone | 2022 Guide

How to Use Truecaller on iPhone

Ever since telephones became a mainstay in households, marketing, and other unwanted/spam calls have found their way into the households using the telephones. As time passed, telephones paved the way for mobile phones, and mobile phones evolved into smartphones and the problem of spam/unwanted calls stuck around. 

Find out How to Use Truecaller on iPhone!

Truecaller is a company that wants to help its users to stay wary of these unwanted/spam calls. This will allow iPhone users to make sure the calls they receive are not spam. I have been using the Truecaller app for years now and words can’t describe my love for it. 

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A small problem is that Apple has set up a lot of restrictions when it comes to calling identification and tracking. This means that the Truecaller app on iOS works a lot more differently than compared on Android devices. So, this article will cover everything Truecaller on iPhones/iOS devices. So, read on to learn how to use Truecaller on iPhone.

After having reviewed Truecaller’s official documents and referring to our credible sources; my team and I found that:

It’s rather simple to use Truecaller on iPhone. After installing the Truecaller app, the user must follow the prompts to set it up. Once, the basic setup is complete, the user should turn on the spam notification to make use of the caller ID feature.

How to Use Truecaller on iPhone

How to Use Truecaller on iPhone

How to Setup Truecaller on iPhone

First things first, you need to download the Truecaller app for your iPhone. For that, you can go to the App Store on your iPhone or visit here ‎Truecaller on the App Store ( Once you have downloaded the app, follow the below guide and you are ready to roll. Check out our entire guide on How to Use Truecaller on iPhone for all the details.

Make sure your iPhone runs at least iOS 11.0 or later so that you can take advantage of all the features of Truecaller.

Apple has set up restrictions on its iPhones, so Truecaller works differently on iPhones compared to Android devices. But developers at Truecaller have worked hard to create new features for the best possible spam protection for your iPhones. To get all the features to run smoothly follow the guide below. 

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Enable Truecaller for Spam Identification

The Spam Identification feature from Truecaller gives you the ultimate protection against spam calls. Once the app is downloaded for your iPhone, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Setting apps on your iPhone or iOS device.

Step 2 Now navigate and tap on Phone.

Step 3 In here, open Caller Identification and Block, here you can enable all the options for Truecaller. 

This will allow Truecaller to use CallKit integration (iOS 14.0 and up) which is needed for live spam identification. Once this is done, you have live spam identification on your iPhone. You can now see if an incoming call is a spam call or not. You will get notified about spam/unwanted calls if the number has been reported or blocked by other users. 

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Enabling spam identification on your iPhone will let Truecaller automatically block all the top spammers in your region. And if you have Truecaller Premium, the app will constantly update the top spammer’s list in the region and protect you from them without any manual fiddling.

How to Let Truecaller Provide Smart Call History

truecaller part 1 2 3

Truecaller is not just a spam identification app, it has a lot more useful features. One of the best features is the new and improved dialer of the Truecaller app. Apple has restrictions for third-party dialers too, but Truecaller gives you an alternative and the whole experience is something new and fresh.

Truecaller does this by populating the app with iPhone’s native contact book. You can then personalize the dialer in the Truecaller app by editing and adding newly identified numbers. This smart call history also provides you with additional features like checking for the identity when dialing an unknown number. There is also a last seen feature that lets you know if your contacts are available to call. 

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How to Manually Lookup a Number Using the Truecaller App

You can lookup for number manually in the Truecaller App using these methods

  • You can use the app itself, for this, copy a phone number from anywhere on your iPhone and paste it into the Truecaller app.
  • Or you can use the Truecaller widget, for this you can share a number to the Truecaller app from your call log. 

How to use the Truecaller Widget for Number Search

The Truecaller app for iOS comes with a widget. This widget makes it easy to check unknown numbers without the need to open the app itself. First, you’ll need to set up the widget, follow these steps for that,

Step 1 Swipe left from your home screen.

Step 2 Tap Edit and then scroll till you find Truecaller.

Step 3 Tap on the + icon to add the Truecaller widget to your iPhone.

To use this widget and get information from it, all you have to do is copy a number. Now, swipe left to the Truecaller widget, and voila, the number copied to your iPhone clipboard will appear in the widget along with details of the number. 

How to Search any Number from the Call Log

The iPhone has a feature that allows you to share any contact from your phone’s call log. The feature coupled with Truecaller lets you search for details of numbers without even opening the app. Follow these steps to use this method,

Step 1 Choose the number you require details about from your call log. 

Step 2 Tap on the ‘i’ icon next to the number. It will open a menu.

Step 3 Now tap on the Share Contact option.

Step 4 Tap on the Three-Dot menu (also known as More).

Step 5 Add “Search Truecaller” from the menu.

truecaller not showing call log iphone

Once this is done, Search Truecaller will be an option in your Share list. You will now be able to make multiple quick searches of unknown numbers straight from the call log of your iPhone. So whenever, you want to search for a number, just tap Share Contact and then use the Search Truecaller option. 

How to unlist or remove your phone number from Truecaller

If you don’t want your phone number to appear on Truecaller, then you have to deactivate your account and unlist your number as well. This is for people who value their privacy most. Follow these steps to remove your phone number from Truecaller,

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Step 1 Open the Truecaller app on your iPhone. 

Step 2 Tap on More and then Settings and select Privacy Center.

Step 3 Now, tap on Deactivate Account. 

Step 4 Select the Delete My Data option and then tap on Deactivate Account. 

Step 5 Now, to unlist your phone number from Truecaller’s records, go to Truecaller’s Unlisting page and enter your number along with your country code and verify. 

Step 6 Now, tap on Unlist and wait for about 24 hours for Truecaller to remove your number and all details of it. 

Once you do this process, remove the app from your iPhone as well. Also if you never registered for Truecaller, then start from step 5 to unlist your number. 


Truecaller is an app that every smartphone should use in my opinion. If you are someone who hates marketers, prank callers, or spammers then you should definitely use Truecaller. The only problem is that Apple is not particularly happy about apps tracking and identifying calls on iPhones. 

This means that the developers at Truecaller had to work hard and find special ways to implement a good call identification app on iOS devices. They were up for the challenge and have done a great job implementing all the important features from the Android version of Truecaller. 

This article would have surely cleared all your doubts and you would have learned how to use these features. No other app comes close to Truecaller’s level of expertise when it comes to caller identification and tracking on iPhones. Check out our entire guide on How to Use Truecaller on iPhone for all the details.

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Benefits of using Truecaller

Enable Share Widget 

Truecaller has a Share widget which is one of my favorite tools. It is very useful if you have received a call from an unknown number. You can use this feature without even opening the app. Tap the ‘information’ button in the call log, scroll down till you see ‘Share Contact’ and tap Truecaller to get the details of an unknown caller.

SMS Spam Filter

Truecaller is an app that can do a lot of things well, and another one of its useful features is SMS spam protection. This is similar to the spam/junk mail folder in your email inbox.

To use this feature on your iPhone, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Settings App on your iPhone.

Step 2 Navigate to Messages in the setting apps.

Step 3 In here, open the Unknown & Spam option.

Step 4 Under SMS Filtering, provide permission for Truecaller.

truecaller part 1 2 3 iphone

Doing all this will prevent notifications of SMS spam from disturbing you, it will also sort such spam messages into a list in your inbox. You will now be able to see the messages and decide if you want to add the sender to your contacts or just block them. 

Call Alerts

If you are about to get a call on your iPhone from a Truecaller user then this feature will provide you with a push notification even before your phone rings. This feature will alert you about both contacts and non-contacts. This is a great substitute to the live caller ID feature on Android phones, thanks to the restriction on iPhones.

Use 3D touch for quick searches

Some of the older iPhones like the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 have had 3D Touch, which is a feature I loved so much. I am still hurt Apple removed it and didn’t come up with any alternatives. Truecaller can take advantage of 3D touch to do many functions.

All you have to do is press firmly over the Truecaller app icon and you’ll get options to search numbers, block numbers, update spammers, and more. This makes it very easy and quick to perform some of the best Truecaller functions. 

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Make HD Calls

Truecaller can also make high-quality calls using Wi-Fi or data. This is a free feature, making it a very useful feature for all Truecaller users, iOS or not. You can call any Truecaller user and enjoy high-quality HD calling. Check out our entire guide on How to Use Truecaller on iPhone for all the details.

Stop yourself from being seen online on Truecaller

If you don’t want to show when you were last online on Truecaller, then follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Truecaller app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Here tap on More and then tap on Settings.

Step 3 Now, tap on the Privacy Center.

Step 4 Here turn off the Availability switch.

Now no one will be able to see if you were online on Truecaller or the last time you were online. Similar to other apps, you won’t be able to see others online as well once you turn off Availability. 

Enable SMS filtering via Truecaller

You can also filter spam messages with Truecaller on your iPhone. To do this, follow these steps,

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2 Now, tap on Messages. 

Step 3 Scroll down and tap on Unknown & Spam.

Step 4 Here, check if Filter Unknown Senders is enabled. If not, Enable it. 

Step 5 Now, select Truecaller instead of SMS Filter or any other service. 

Now Truecaller will be the service that filters your messages from spam. SMS Filter is Apple’s own message filter, so you can pick and choose based on what you prefer.

Get notified of who views your profile on Truecaller

One of the best features of Truecaller Premium is the ability to check who has viewed your profile. Along with no ads, you get features like,

Who Viewed My Profile: This feature lets you see visitors to your Truecaller profile. 

Incognito Mode: Using this feature you can check the numbers and profiles of other users without alerting them.

You can find these features under the More section in the app.

Troubleshooting Truecaller not Working on iPhone

If you’ve recently installed Truecaller on your iPhone and the app has failed to pull up the caller ID or there are some minor software issues, then you can troubleshoot these problems in a few easy steps.

Solution 1 — Disable Caller ID and Enable it again

To access the caller ID settings and disable or enable it. Head to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID > Disable / Enable

Solution 2 — Soft reset/reboot your iPhone

To soft reset your iPhone, press the Power button + Volume Buttons > Slide to Power Off

Solution 3 — Reset all settings on your iPhone

To reset your iPhone to its factory settings, open Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings > Reset

Solution 4 — Update iOS

Proceed to check if there’s an update for your iPhone by opening Settings > General > About > Software Update

Solution 5 — Reinstall your SIM Card

Use the SIM ejector tool and remove the SIM card from the iPhone. Proceed to reinstall the SIM and switch on the device to check if the issue has fixed itself

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