How To Remove Sim Card in iPhone | February 2022 Guide

How To Remove Sim Card in iPhone

Looking to switch carrier networks? Check out our guide on How To Remove Sim Card in iPhone!

There are times when you’ll need to switch carrier networks. Especially, if you’re travelling internationally. Since the SIM card is how the carrier providers connect your device to the network, it becomes important to know How To Remove Sim Card in iPhone. Check out our entire guide for all the details.

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After having reviewed all of Apple’s official documentation and having referred to our credible sources; my team and I found that:

It’s rather easy to remove the SIM card from an iPhone. The user can remove the SIm card from its slot by injecting a straightened paper clip or a SIM ejector tool. Once the user pushes the tool into the ejector hole, the SIM tray automatically pops out.

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What you need to remove the SIM card in your iPhone

To remove the SIM card from iPhone, you’ll need a SIM ejector tool/pin. Fortunately, this is the only tool you really need. Although this ejector pin is provided with the iPhone in some countries, the majority of the time, you’ll have to settle for an alternative like a paper clip.

Of course, we always, do recommend you invest in a SIM card ejector as it can come in handy for ages.

However, if you are using a paper clip, then all you have to do is straighten the end until it sticks out and gently push it into the SIM card ejector hole.

Other than paper clips, you can also use a needle, safety pin, staple pin, earring, and the tip of a small screwdriver. But you should keep in mind that these alternatives do have the potential to damage the SIM card ejector hole. So, please do be careful as you would want to mangle your expensive iPhone.

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Find where your SIM tray is located on your iPhone

All iPhone from iPhone 4 onwards has a SIM card tray. This tray is located on the right-hand side of the iPhone. Of course, the iPhone screen must be facing the user. The SIM card tray is on the opposite side of the volume buttons.

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Fortunately, Apple has consistently ensured, that the iPhone line up from iPhone 4 onwards has the same SIM tray location. However, it has moved away from a regular SIM to micro and eventually a nano-SIM. Fortunately, the SIM ejection methodology has remained the same.

If you’re using the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, then you’ll find the SIM in between the headphone jack and the power button.

Removing the SIM card in an iPhone

Removing the SIM card from an iPhone is fairly easy. All you have to do is follow these steps. However, it is important to note that the removal methods are slightly different for iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 12 and the Orginal iPhone 3GS and earlier.

The most important difference between the two methods is the location of the Sim tray. Here’s are the steps on How To Remove Sim Card in iPhone:

Gently insert the small paperclip you bent earlier into the small pinhole opening in the SIM tray.

Apply a small amount of pressure until the SIM tray pops out of the iPhone or iPad. Don’t apply pressure at an angle, only in the direction of the pinhole.

Grab hold of the SIM tray and pull straight out.

Swap your SIM card. Make sure you have installed the SIM in the correct orientation by aligning the notched corners on the card.

Re-insert the tray. Make sure you are inserting the SIM tray in the correct orientation.

iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 12

Before you start, ensure that the iPhone screen is facing you. Additionally, you should be holding the iPhone upright.

Start by locating the SIM tray on the right side of the iPhone. You can find it on the edge near the center.

Now, gently, insert a SIm ejector tool, a straightened paperclip or any other alternatives into the hole on the tray. When you push the tool all the way in, the tray will move outward.

All you have to do is gently remove the tray and lift the card from it and you’ve successfully managed to remove the SIM card from the iPhone.

If you plan on replacing it with another SIM, maintain the same orientation, if not push the tray back inside.

This method will work on all the following iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 (all models), iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and 5s, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4.

Original 3GS and Earlier

Removing Sim cards from an original iPhone 3GS or earlier is a bit different from the latest methods. Before your start ensure that the iPhone is upright with the screen facing you.

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Now, find the Sim tray on the top edge of the iPhone next to the power button and the headphone jack. Once, you locate it, the steps to remove the Sim card are the same. Insert a straightened paper clip or a Sim ejector into the hole on the tray. We recommend that you be gentle with the old models.

Once the pin is inserted all the way in, you should be able to remove the tray outward. Now, once you’ve removed the tray, pop out the sim card and insert a new one or just slide it back in.

How To Remove Sim Card in iPhoneFinal Thoughts

If you want to replace the SIM or even insert a new one it’s always handy to know How To Remove Sim Card in iPhone. You must have a SIM removal tool before you start. Additionally, we recommend that you turn off the iPhone as well.

Other than iPhone from Mainland China that has two SIM’s on either side, the single SIM iPhones have a special tray that’s housed on the right side of the device. Once, this SIM tray is removed, you can pop in a new one.

However, you should be extremely careful when removing it and inserting a new SIM as the device can get easily mangled if you’re rough with it.

If you force the SIM tray back in you might break the contact pins from the logic board that can permanently prevent your iPhone from connecting to a network. So, check out our entire guide on How To Remove Sim Card in iPhone for all the details.

Inserting a New SIM card

Before you begin, turn off your iPhone and remove the SIM. Now, you’ve removed the old SIM card using the above steps, follow these instructions:

  1. Now, that tray is out, place the SIM card onto the hollow tray with the gold contact section of the chip facing down. You can easily find the right fit with the cut corner of the SIM. This will help you position it accurately.
  2. Once, you’ve placed it currently, push the SIM tray back into the iPhone. However, make sure that the hole in the edge of the tray is facing towards the bottom, this is also where you can find the gold contact of the SIM card.
  3. Make sure that the tray is all the way inside and the edge is seamless with the rest of the iPhone.
  4. Now, turn on the iPhone and wait for it to catch the required network connection. In case you forgot to turn off the device when inserting the SIM, all you need to do is turn it off and on. If you leave it on, it won’t be able to connect to a network as the would not have been detected by the iPhone.

How can I open my iPhone SIM card without the tool?

You can remove the iPhone SIM even without the SIM ejector tool. However, you will still need an alternative like a straightened paper clip to inject into the hole. There’s no way around this bit.

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Of course, there are loads of alternatives like pins, needles, and even a really tiny screwdriver tip. However, we recommend the paper clip as it’s the least likely to mangle your iPhone.

Does iPhone need to be off to remove SIM card?

Ideally, yes, the iPhone does need to be off to remove a SIM card. This is applicable even the user is inserting in a new one. This is because the iPhone won’t read a new SIM card when it’s already one. So, you’ll have to restart it either way.

Does taking out the SIM card delete everything?

No, taking out the SIM card does not delete any data. The only thing it does is connect your device with the carrier network and in some cases store phone numbers. So, unless all of your phone numbers are on the SIM instead of the iPhone, then it wouldn’t be able to delete any data.

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