How to Find Receipts for Apple Purchases in 2022

How to find receipts for Apple Purchases

Want receipts for your Apple Purchases? Check out How to find receipts for Apple Purchases in this guide.

If you need the record of an item you purchased from Apple for tax purposes or client invoicing, you can get the data using the iTunes software on your computer.

Previous purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store are listed by date and order number, with the content title, price, tax, and payment details displayed for reading or printing.

If the transaction is less than 90 days old, you can also use this information to report a problem with a previous order.

To find receipts for Apple Purchases, do this, Go to Apple Orders website -> Sign in with your Apple ID -> Choose the product -> In the Order Details page, and click on View Invoice to see the Invoice Receipt of your Apple purchase. Alternatively, you can enter your Order Number and email on the Apple Orders website to get a receipt for apple purchases.

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How to find receipts for Apple Purchases

Why do you require your Apple receipt?

You may require your Apple purchase receipt for more than one purpose, such as – You may be required to produce your Apple purchase receipt when bringing your Apple devices to an Apple repair store or approved repair service provider for repair. The purchase receipt may also be required for warranty purposes in some circumstances. So, let’s look at how to locate Apple purchase receipts for Apple devices and Apple App store transactions.

Are you aware of how to find receipts for your Apple purchases?

It can be challenging to look for something that is missing. This is especially true when hunting for receipts for Apple purchases. One situation in which you may require them is when you need to bring your Apple devices in for hardware repairs.

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But where can you find your Apple purchase receipts? How do you view your iTunes or App Store Purchase History? Furthermore, do you have no idea what to do next?

Worry no longer, because we are here to answer all of your inquiries! We will show you how to locate your receipts and Purchase History. In addition, we will assist you in downloading your receipts so that you can view them at any time.

Let’s get started.

How To Find Receipts For Apple Purchases: Step-By-Step.

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to Apple purchase receipts. It may appear to be impossible, but it is not! The reality is just the reverse. You can undoubtedly locate what you’re looking for with the appropriate advice.

Here’s how to locate your Apple purchase receipts:

Step 1 To begin, launch your browser and go to the Apple Orders website.

How To Find Receipts For Apple Purchases

Step 2 Then, sign in with your Apple ID. Alternatively, provide your order number and email address. Your order number can be found in your email confirmation.

Step 3 After that, if you login in with your Apple ID, you’ll see a list of things you’ve purchased. Choose the product for which you require a receipt.

Step 4 Then you should be routed to the ‘Order Details‘ page. To view your invoice, click View Invoice.

Step 5 Finally, you should see a window appear on your screen. This is the ‘Invoice Receipt‘ page for the product you’ve chosen.

The Invoice Receipt page includes the following information: device details, purchase date, price, order number, payment method, and serial number of the device. If necessary, you can also print it.

How To View Purchase History: Step-By-Step.

If you can’t find your order number, you can look through your Purchase History for the App Store, iTunes, and other services to retrieve your receipts. You’ll be able to see the apps, music, and entertainment you purchased. It contains the device data and payment method you used to purchase the item, just like the Invoice Receipt page.

Here’s how to access your iPhone or iPad’s Purchase History:

How To View Purchase History

Step 1 To begin, open the Settings app and select your name.

Step 2 Then, select Media & Purchases.

Step 3 If you are prompted to sign in, enter your Apple ID and password.

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Step 4 Then, to view your purchase history, select Purchase History.

Step 5 Finally, pick Last 90 Days and change the date range if you wish to see purchases made more than 90 days ago.

Here’s how to access your Purchase History on a Mac or computer:

how to access your Purchase History on a Mac or computer

Step 1 To begin, launch iTunes or the Music app.

Step 2 Then, in the menu bar, choose Account and then View My Account.

Step 3 Next, check for Purchase History on the Account Information tab.

Step 4 Then, besides Most Recent Purchase, select See All.

Step 5 Look for the item you purchased now. The whole Purchase History may take a few minutes to show.

Step 6 Finally, pick Last 90 Days and change the date range if you wish to see purchases made more than 90 days ago.

When that is completed, we hope you are able to locate the receipt you are searching for.

How To Look For Recent Purchases On The Web: Step-By-Step.

If you want to save a duplicate of your purchases, you can download them. It can be useful if you save them on your device. This is also beneficial because you can retrieve your receipts even when you are not connected to the internet.

Here’s how to get the receipts for your Apple purchases:

Step 1 To begin, navigate to

Step 2 Then, sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 3 It will then display a list of the things you have purchased. Choose the product for which you require a receipt.

If you’re not sure about the product you’re looking for, you can search by the amount you were charged. If on the other side, you have a problem with an item you purchased, you may also report it here.

Wrapping up How to find receipts for Apple Purchases 

Do you require receipts for subscriptions or apps purchased for your iPhone and iPad? If so, then this guide will assist you in obtaining and retaining them!

What tips do you have for getting receipts for previous purchases on the iPhone and iPad? Have you discovered a secret feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to find receipts for Apple Purchases – FAQs

Help! I Can’t Find An Item In My Purchase History.

If you can’t seem to find an item you bought in your Purchase History, you might want to see if a family member bought it instead. This is possible if you use Family Sharing. Unfortunately, until you join in with their Apple ID, you won’t be able to view what other family members purchased.
In some cases, this can also occur if you purchased the item using a separate Apple ID. It’s possible that you made the purchase while logged in with a different Apple ID. You can alternatively sign in with that Apple ID to see if it was charged to that account.
If the above methods do not work for you, you may still be able to obtain your receipt. What you can do is search your emails for your receipt if you have access to the same email account you used at the time of purchase. 
After a successful payment, Apple automatically sends an email receipt. If you have a large number of emails, you can utilize the advanced search feature. You can look through your email for the purchase confirmation email.
However, if you notice any unexpected transactions or purchases, reset your Apple ID and password. You can also call Apple Support as soon as possible so that they can advise you on the next steps.

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Help! I don’t recognize this XYZ purchase in my history

Help! I don’t recognize this XYZ purchase in my history
If you discover purchases or prices that you do not recognize,
Get a refund
How to request a refund
Register at
Select “Request a refund” after tapping or clicking “I’d like to.”
Select the reason for the refund, then click Next.
Select the app, subscription, or another item, and then click Submit. You can also cancel a membership if you were charged for one that you no longer want.
If you uncover products in your purchase history that you don’t remember purchasing, ask family members if they did. If family members have access to your smartphone, you should make every purchase that requires a password. Change your Apple ID password if someone else is using your Apple ID and password.

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