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iPhone 12 India Price and Release Date

With the next generation of Apple iPhones due for release sometime within the next few months, tech-giant Apple is likely to be hard at work to produce yet another revolutionary product from their premier line of smartphones. However, with the unexpected problems and obstacles brought about by ...

How To Check If Your AirPods Are Authentic

If you’re the proud owner of a pair of authentic Apple AirPods, then congratulations! You have some of the most advanced pieces of consumer tech around. After all, Apple's engineering and design are more than enough to justify its hefty price tag. However, with the ingenuity of the Chinese copy ...

How To Make Your AirPods Pro Sound Louder 2020

Does your AirPods Pro sound soft or muffled? Wish they could be louder and drown out the ambient sounds around you? There are reasons why AirPods sound softer than you’d expect when they’re taken out for the first time. And there are crazy Hacks out there that can improve it drastically. Read on ...

Why Apple Glasses Are The Next iPhone 2020

It’s been 16 years since Apple launched the world’s first smartphone and ushered in a new era. Although, the iPhone may not be as impressive as it once was compared to current technology it did revolutionize the way modern humans communicate. And now, almost 1.5 decades it looks Apple is getting ...

Best Cheap iPad Alternatives of 2020

The Apple iPad is the most sought after tablet in the market. It's sleek in design, easy to use and is packed with some of Apple's most advanced processing chips that get the task done easily. However, it's insanely expensive. Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the ...

iPhone 12 Clone: Where to buy?

Every year there are hundreds of mobile phones like the upcoming iPhone 12. Although this isn't surprising, there are also companies that clone these phones. This is because not everyone can afford an iPhone 12 and they still aspire to buy one. So, if you want to one for yourself before it's ...

Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives

Tablets are convenient products that have interestingly found it's segment/space between mobile devices and laptops. The most sought after and popular tablet in the global market is the Apple iPad Pro. And while its useful nature is subjective, we can all agree that an Apple iPad Pro with a ...

Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6

The most popular smartwatch in the market at the moment is the Apple Watch 5. The success of this brilliant device can be attributed to the premium feel, user experience, water-resistance and amazing features like the built-in ECG (Electrocardiogram). And the successor to this beauty is almost ...

Stupid Apple Rumors
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