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How does Apple Trade-in Work? | 2021 Guide

I always want the best out of the things I own and that includes my iPhone. With a new iPhone releasing every year I am always drooling over them for the bleeding edge in smartphone technology. And I love to get my hands on them, but paying the full price of an iPhone every year is not a good ...

Best Video Editing Software for Mac | 2021 Guide

Being passionate about content creation and video making, I have tried a lot of software for video editing on Macs. And of course, some of the poorer software programs have plagued my learning process. Different video editing software programs are aimed at different purposes, some are more suited ...

Rumours on the Apple Watch Series 6

The most popular smartwatch in the market at the moment is the Apple Watch 5. The success of this brilliant device can be attributed to the premium feel, user experience, water-resistance and amazing features like the built-in ECG (Electrocardiogram). And the successor to this beauty is almost ...

How to use an Apple Pencil? | 2021 Guide

I have been an avid iPad user and I have always felt the experience was near perfect. I didn’t realize how much better it could be with the Apple Pencil. I've had my doubts regarding the device but boy was it a game-changer. The reason I bought one because I constantly take notes for my other ...

Which Apple Laptop should I buy? | 2021 Guide

Owing to the fact that I have an iPhone and an iPad, I wanted to get into the Apple Ecosystem and decided to opt for a Macbook. Little did I know, I was left with a nerve-wracking question, “Which Apple Laptop should I buy?” With a sleek aluminum finish, lightweight with a premium feel, Apple ...

Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives 2021

Tablets are convenient products that have interestingly found it's segment/space between mobile devices and laptops. The most sought after and popular tablet in the global market is the Apple iPad Pro. And while its useful nature is subjective, we can all agree that an Apple iPad Pro with a ...

How To Check If Your AirPods Are Authentic 2021

If you’re the proud owner of a pair of authentic Apple AirPods, then congratulations! You have some of the most advanced pieces of consumer tech around. After all, Apple's engineering and design are more than enough to justify its hefty price tag. However, with the ingenuity of the Chinese copy ...

How Apple Watch Cellular Works 2021

As an amateur athlete, I have always looked for ways to get some personal work done during my workout sessions. At first, this was not an easy task to pull off considering I had to carry my iPhone around with me wherever I went. But when Apple launched the Cellular variant of the Apple Watch I ...

Best Cheap iPad Alternatives 2021

The Apple iPad is the most sought after tablet in the market. It's sleek in design, easy to use and is packed with some of Apple's most advanced processing chips that get the task done easily. However, it's insanely expensive. Check out our list of the Best Cheap iPad Alternatives for all the ...

How Apple Arcade Works | 2021 Guide

I've always loved playing games on my iPhone. Not just because I'm bored but mostly because I love playing on an Apple Phone as there's almost no latency or lag while playing even high-end games. Last year, When Apple launched its much-awaited gaming subscription the Apple Arcade, I immediately ...

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